Come With Me ~ ALLIN


I have been praying for some time, along with others, about other ways in which to use my love of bringing praise and honor to Jesus through writing. Meaningful ways. I love the community we have here – amongst one another.  That is not going away. No way, no how!

But his prayer has been about how God might wish for us to reach others in different ways, further enhancing community in Christ, but most of all it has been about how to help others in our world to draw even closer to Jesus and live their lives with their eyes set upon Him.

It is not going to replace what I do here. It is simply another place in which I get to shout out His name with praise and adoration. I have said no to many such offers in the past. This one? This one is going to be different ~ I can feel it when I pray about it. He told me to say yes. Maybe He is going to whisper that word in your own ear too.

ALLIN. Living ALLIN for Him.

It is not about platforms. It is not about “followers” (except for those who are following after Jesus Christ). It is not about “promoting” anything other than Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

My friend Heather has had a vision about how she might reach others for Christ in a deeper way. She has had this dream for many years, and much prayer has gone into this adventure for Christ. She didn’t know what it would look like, but she knew God would give her the green light when it was time to step and move forward.

It’s time.

So the time has come. Several prayed-over folks have been given the honor by God, through Heather, to be contributing authors for this new ministry and community. I so happen to be one of them and thought those who read my heart here just might be interested in being a part of this wonderful community.

You are all valued and special in the eyes of the Lord. Maybe you will find even more to celebrate about Him here too!

It’s time for us to jump in – together – ALL IN!

Below, you will find the details about this wonderful community and ministry. Join us, won’t you? We are growing it together – US – with JESUS – I see fruit in our future. Abundant fruit.

Lift off is TODAY!

Join us, dear friends. It will be different than other things you have seen. It is the Lord’s. It is ours as co-heirs with Christ.

It’s about community in Christ. It’s about praising Him, sharing Him, learning about what He writes to us in His Word.

It’s about living all in for Him – not toe-dipping. Not halfway.

It’s about authentic admission of where we fail, but simultaneously it’s about the victory we already have because of Christ Jesus.

Yes. It’s about blossoming in our love for Him ~ in our awe of Him.

It’s ALL of it!

Let’s go ALLIN for Him together. Details Below….

cropped-allin_logo_header_2Click Here to Join Us!

Let’s live ALLIN for Him.

Let’s live, learn and love ~ together.


3 thoughts on “Come With Me ~ ALLIN

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  2. I believe in God and that his only begotten son Jesus Christ lived,died,was buried and rose again so that we all may be saved. I’m thankful for brothers and sisters in Christ and I’ll pray for your journey to be of Gods will. Keep me in your prayers also.

    Dana Guidera

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