I’m Counting on It!

Not feeling undertstood much?

How about truly cared for, loved, or comforted?

Like that way, you know?

The kind of way most of us only felt when we were small – babies in our mama’s arms.

Being bathed, cared for, comforted while sick.

Taken care of.

Busy seeking to understand and love upon others much?

Not sure if it’s helping them at all?

Remember your job ~ to be light and love and let Jesus do the rest.

The rest of it includes remembering something really important; something very awesome, and something that offers more hope than anything else you can imagine all put together and multiplied by infinity: That is where our real home is, friends.

If you look forward to Jesus coming again ~ if you can’t wait for the day we get to go home (where we really ultimately belong) to be with Him, you are in good company.

In the meantime, we are here. We are here for the sake of the gospel and to glorify the Lord. In our sickness, and in our health. In our good times and our trial-filled ones. We are here.

But I feel peace when I read sections of the Word – God’s love letter to us – which emphasize not to live for this world. He emphasizes to be light amongst others while here, and trust in Him. But never once do I see the Lord say we shouldn’t be crazy excited about the prospect of eventually getting to go home.

We are His children. He wants us home too. He’s just being patient in case any of the other kids who ran away want to come too.

That’s the kind of love I want to have for others. I haven’t figured that out yet.

For now, I will stick with asking for God to give me what I need to love the way that he wants me to love. To enjoy this life without living for it. To help bring as many people to live out eternity with him as possible.

It’s gonna be awesome, friends. Soooo awesome. Don’t let anyone try to take it from you. If you look forward to Jesus’ coming for us or taking us there to be with him ~ count on it. Praise Him for giving you that eagerness. And know it makes His heart glad.



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