Crazy Joy Invades Zombie Land!

“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold” Matthew 24:12

That’s IT!

Calling all Christians! And I mean, the ones who are still filled with the joy of Jesus today!

The ones who want to scream at the top of their lungs, “I love God!!!!!!”

The ones who want to say, “Halt! Are you filled with joy and happiness today?? Whats up, yo?”

Are you finding lately, that no matter where you go, what you do, (yes, friends…even amongst fellow believers in Christ Jesus) that it seems like everyone is in a daze…

I don’t even mean just a distracted-type of daze anymore either….Just….something……weird. (Quick reference – “soma”  in the classic novel, “Brave New World” – read it!!!)

The heartbeat…’s slowed down. Waaaayyyyyyy down.

People are walking around like zombies, yo.

At first, I was in awe….just figured it was the busy-crazy of life doing it to all of us.

Then, it stopped happening to me, as I was truly seeking Him and asking Him to wake my heart for others back up. He did. He softened my heart. It hurt for a while, but now it’s beating right again and the pain has subsided.

Guess what He did? Jesus then filled that new, healthy heart with Himself – and I just want to SCREAM, “Happiness and Joy!!!”

I know we are to meet people where they are at, friends. Not everyone is in the same place in life right now – I’ve been one of those folks who have had my dark, dark times in which I needed someone to “weep with me” rather than try to “rejoice with me.” I get that. We still need to do that too.

But I’m not talking about those folks today – they still need for us to do that, no question about it. I am talking about the masses today. I AM TALKING ABOUT THE ONES WHO ARE IN GRAVE DANGER!!!!!!

The ones whose hearts have slowed waaaayyyyyy down….there is just barely a little heartbeat in there. They aren’t even necessarily going through what they perceive to be a major trial or challenge or loss in their lives right now. They are just being put to sleep.

They are the walking zombies, and we need to help wake them up!!!!

Not wake them up to right and wrong! Not wake them up to living a different way! Not wake them up to the whole truth of everything that’s going on. Not yet.

We need to just start with reviving them! And make no mistake, it’s gonna be hard. The question is, “are you in?”

What does a doctor do when someone’s heart is failing, but they are still there…alive (but barely) on the table?

Do they whisper to the quiet, little heart to meet it where it’s at? Out of kindness and consideration, ya know? Yah, just out of that.

  • “I know you are sad right now and barely beating, so I’ll just calmly allow you to do that…you need your rest and space right now….it’s okay. I will let you go without trying. I don’t want to invonvenience you or anything…make you uncomfortable. I want to respect your wishes.”


They pull out those paddle things and start pumping away hard and heavy, man! They don’t worry about bruising, or the uncomfortable aftermath that may ensue. They don’t worry about the fact that this seemingly calm, peaceful body on the table is now jerking all over the place…up off the table….that the monitor is going crazy. And they certainly don’t worry about causing invonvenience or discomfort – sheesh!

I’d rather see that heart have a chance, wouldn’t you?

Well, there ya go. That’s my point today.

I started to cave in, friends. I started to think there was nothing I could do about it, so why try. I started to think that we should leave the zombified alone and live and let….(live?)

I started to let it depress me too. I started to walk away feeling downtrodden – it started to make my own heart grow cold. NOT gonna happen!!!!!!!

But I am screaming at the top of my lungs, and it is coming from the depths of my heart today….”I WILL NOT CAVE IN BECAUSE JESUS WANTS TO COME OUT OF ME AND JUMP INTO YOU AND I REFUSE TO STAND IN THE WAY OF THAT!!!!”

This is a call to all those out there who have the joy of Jesus in them today!!!!!

Get out there and be a heart doctor. Let Him be the true and mighty Physician that He is, through you. Do not hold back. If someone is not just zombified, but they are truly sad and depressed, meet them where they are at. But for the masses – the majority –  “the love of MOST will grow cold,” they are just being put to sleep, brothers and sisters. We can’t take this lying down.

We need to be that irritating alarm clock, friends. We need to care enough to try our best to help to wake them up to joy again.

Keep trying. Over and over and over again. Contagion of good and excellent things, especially those that come from Jesus, takes a while to get a firm grip and start to work. We have to stick with it.

I don’t care if you have to go over the top, as you probably will. I am having to do that very thing. It takes going to the other extreme to even get someone in that state to start moving. Just like the heart paddles.

Be weird! Be crazy! Be wild! Be nuts! Radical for Jesus!!!!!!!! Necessary measures.

And do it with a smile and a laugh, even if the world looks at you like you are crazy.

‘Cause to wake up a bunch of zombies? That’s crazy in and of itself. But it’s where we are at. I refuse to accept it without a fight. I refuse to not go after my brothers and sisters. I hope you will join me.

Crazy love man. CRAZY, Radical love.

It’s time for the alarm clocks to wake up and get to work! Let’s DO this thing!

Photo Via Microsoft Office Images

Photo Via Microsoft Office Images



12 thoughts on “Crazy Joy Invades Zombie Land!

    • Uh…yaaahhhh! We so are! I was thinking the other day about how “lawlessness” will abound. In the past, I only thought of that as crime and acts of violence. But we are told to watch out for deceit – “lawlessness” to me, now is more the absence of law – duh – makes sense when I really look at the word. LAW LESS NESS. The absence of law, the absence of right or wrong. Just…..nothing.

  1. You rock girl! Keep listening to the Holy Spirit and giving us His reminders of what we should be doing; of how we should be xo

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