Does the Bible promote socialism?

Very interesting read from a fellow blogger

I hang out on conservative minded websites a lot. I don’t consider myself a troll (who does?), but I do enjoy a good discussion in the comments section. I have to admit, I may occasionally try to get people pounding their keyboards. While I usually agree with most of what the commentators have to say, a fair amount of them, though politically conservative, aren’t Christian at all. The one comment that I read grabbed my attention. Someone was trying to use Scripture to support their position on some topic that didn’t have all that much to do with Christianity. Anyway, as a way to refute using Scripture as a source of defense, this other person said something like, “Oh yea? (extra expletives) Why would I agree with a book that promotes socialism?!” Then the anonymous internet commentator left the discussion with this passage:

42They devoted themselves to the apostles’…

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