Sometimes You Gotta Stretch

I have always really liked giraffes. There’s just something so beautiful about their deep, dark eyes, and their graceful, long necks.

Me, personally? I have a pretty messed up neck. It’s a genetic thing I inherited from my father. It’s been this way since I can remember. It always feels compressed, needs to be stretched and cracked constantly, and sitting and working at a computer doesn’t do it any good either. But, it’s still a neck, and I am glad to have one that works – even though it’s not like a giraffe’s.

I supposed it’s easier for a giraffe to hear things – standing tall above all the noise and commotion of this world. I suppose it may be easier for them to see too. But I don’t think that we are as limited as we think we are sometimes in searching for glimpses of God. And we can hear Him from within if we quiet ourselves long enough to do so.

When I am struggling to hear His voice, or to look up to Jesus, I think of a giraffe. We may not have the physical advantages that they do, but we can be like them as we tune into Jesus.

We just may have to stretch a little.




11 thoughts on “Sometimes You Gotta Stretch

  1. Annie, I appreciate your diligence in posting every day. I have backed off my blog for a bit to focus on a FB discussion group for men. I only subscribe to a few blogs, but yours and Morning Story and Dilbert give me a great jump start to my creative discussion starting. (The guys did not relate very well to the “Brain Fog” thing with out a little creativity on my part)

    Keep it up. Love the simplicity.

    • Oh, thank you friend, and I am so glad that you can use them. Ha ha – that brain fog thing would definitely be tricky for men, eh? I am glad you can use them to bring glory to God and edify your group! And thank you for such wonderful encouragement.

  2. I spent 7 days in the hospital. It is there I discovered that I could rest and sleep amidst the NOISE. On the 2nd night I fell asleep for the first time. It seems now no matter how much noise I am surrounded with I can still rest in Him. The old saying is so true… you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. I want to hear Jesus and I do. I want to see Jesus and I do. My Father placed that desire in me. He gives me to WILL and TO DO according to His good pleasure. Some churches don’t want to hear prophecy and they won’t… some don’t want to see physical healing and they won’t. Ask that which you will and it shall be given onto you. I want all that God has for His Body the Church. Greater things than these shall you do, says Jesus. Come Lord Jesus, COME…

      • Thank you! You know, it was really good for my relationship with the Lord (good time spent with HIM) to do that. It actually took me longer than it would have to write about 10 pages! Ha Ha! Finding just the right image, and then making sure we can use it due to copyright, etc. is HARD!

    • Oh, what a great testimony of the way the Lord helped you to use that situation for His greater good! Thank you for the encouragement, my dear, dear friend! I shall pray for you to continue experiencing a heightened awareness of HIM in all that you do!

  3. This is such a very powerful message. I love the way you make the metaphors carefully knit together to send a very riveting message. This has blessed me. May God bless you in return. 🙂

    • Thank you dear friend! I am trying to do some shorter ones throughout the week, and stick to only one or two longer ones. Pray for me, will you? I am not so good at shorter stuff, but the Lord really helped me out with the giraffe one!

      • My Dear Lord Jesus Christ. Bless Annie with wisdom and skills to come up with wonderful short messages about the salvation we can find in you. Let her words be penned with love and not with pride and let her give you all the glory in every appreciation she receives. Equipped her with the power of your Holy Spirit that her simple messages will impact the lives of many of us and that you will use her as a vessel for which You can bless us with her words everyday. I ask this in Jesus name. May Your name be proclaimed in all the earth. Amen.

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