Happy Value Time!!!!!

Agapestencil by Eif via http://www.flickr.com/photos/eifionjmp/

Agapestencil by Eif via Flikr CC http://www.flickr.com/photos/eifionjmp/

Over this last year……since the last “Valentines Day”, I have thought a lot about love. Real and true love. I thought about how much I value that…..How much the Lord values that.

About how it really is true that it has to do with the heart.

About how it really is impossible to have or to give without Christ filling that heart.

I have seen, with the fullest of clarity, that real and true love can only come from Him.


This year, I have thought about Agape love. I think about that love today.

I have seen how dark my heart had become in so many ways, even when I thought it had gotten much better than before.

I have seen how much more room there is in there still for Him.

For Him to do His work in me…..

For Him to show me what Agape love is.

Geralt via Pixabay

Geralt via Pixabay

He has that kind of love for me.

He has that kind of love for you, too.

I have opened that heart of mine….But the enemy likes to try to close it back up.

So thankfully, My Jesus…well, He is after me…..

He keeps at me – He knows this heart of mine.

More Agape. More Holy Spirit. More Him.

Geralt via Pixabay

Geralt via Pixabay

That vacancy is taken, enemy! Someone stronger lives here!

I  have received more love than I could have ever imagine existed.

He gives me not what I deserve – and then He blesses me on top of it.

What grace….what love….

What Agape love.


He is filling that heart, with Himself.

The blackness was purged…..the heart made new…

And now it is clear…..and filling up with more of His love.

It is spilling out now. There’s enough for that.

God gives free refills. His love keeps us growing.


If we ask Him…He fills those hearts…..

More of Him…Less of us….

His magnificence….

His glory,

His might,

His compassion,

His beauty…

His Agape Love…His eternal love.


His everything that makes Him God………

It will overflow. And I more than value that.

Guess what else?

He values that.

He values me.

He values you.

geralt via Pixabay

geralt via Pixabay

This last year, my look on love has changed.

It is deeper…bigger…more awe inspiring.

Because I am looking at Him.

And He is love.

At times, it can be daunting, if I forget from whom it comes….

The Source of all love that is real and true and worthy.


He told me where I needed to start –

In His presence – spending more time with Him….

Spending better time with Him.

He told me to be in His word, in prayer, in relationship with Him.

To fall in love with Him again.

And stay there.


He told me that He values that….my love, and my time.

That it leads to gratefulness, worship, fulfillment, and more love.

Agape kind of love.

Time is valuable. Valuable is time.

Love is valuable. Valuable is love.

He and His love….it’s treasure.


Hard to give up is time.

Until you do it for a while. If you spend it loving Him.

Sacrifices are to be made to make time with God first….

To make it the time you value most.

And then they don’t seem like sacrifices any more.

Everything else does…..


Anything else that gets in the way.

The way of your time with your first love.

We are always wanting for more…..

Grab the time any time you can find it….

Spend it with Him, and then in doing His work….


To love others in ways He values….

Then all time becomes value time.

He is leading me….He is guiding me…

He is making me wait for some things…

He has answered prayer through it all..

Through the changes, through the waiting…

In my value time with Him…He tells me things.

jsptoa via Pixabay

jsptoa via Pixabay

I fell even more in love with Him this year…..

I feel more of His love….

I know more of what it looks like.

I want the value time…

So does He.

He doesn’t need it…But He wants it…

He more than deserves it.

It is all His.

Via Pixabay

PixelAnarchy Via Pixabay

Maybe He will make more changes this year?

For you or for me?

I can’t wait to see what is in store.

I can’t wait to see how He helps us and loves us more.

To reflect that love….that kind that belongs to Him…

That Agape Love – through us.

geralt via Pixabay

geralt via Pixabay

How wonderful that we don’t have to wait…

We can value all time, whether things change or they don’t.

Because it is all spent with Him.

He is always there.

He lives there.

I value that.

Photo Courtesy of GoPraise.net

And to all my friends out there who may be reading this today? I pray you value your time with the Lord….I pray you value the time you have with family, friends, and others who come your way. I pray you have value time in all that you do….each and every day….every moment…every second.

Every day, every moment, can be Value Time……Not just on Valentine’s Day.

Most of all, I pray that you know, with no question in your hearts or minds that the Lord values you….He values time with you….He values your worship of Him, your relationship with Him, your cries, your laughter, your struggles, your needs – all of it, to Him, you can bring….it is all part of the treasure we have in Him….and He loves you…the Agape kind….if He didn’t value you, how could that be?

If you haven’t yet, won’t you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today?

Be blessed. Happy Value Time, Dear Friends.

“And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’This is the first commandment.”   Mark 12:30



**All unmarked images in this post used with permission from Pixabay Public Domain Images – no attribution required or desired.



11 thoughts on “Happy Value Time!!!!!

  1. It took a moment,or two, to read… but well worth the time it took. So it is with the time we spend with God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord. Time well spent.. An investment in our present and future. Our Eternal future is what we prepare for when we spend time with HIM. I pray everyone gets the message of just how important Love is… that Agape love only God provides.

    God bless Annie and have a blessed and love filled day (everyday).

  2. Wow. What an awesome post. That’s one of my favorite verses and it means so much to a Christian. Your posts always give me something to think about for the day. I am reblogging it and hope many read it and get a blessing.

    • Oh, thank you dear lady and I am glad He blessed you by it. I am thankful for your encouragement and appreciate the reblogging! Have a beautiful day in Christ!!!! Annie 🙂

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