A Day in the Life – Flippin’ It

Looking Up Throughout the Day Takes Effort!

Great, I’m gonna be late……..

Woman Turning Off Alarm

Our God is so Great…..

Photo Credit via Lostseed
Photo Credit via Lostseed

Nasty weather outside lurking?


Oh my goodness! The coffee’s perking!


What’d they say? Did things get worse?


Gosh, I’m really loving this verse.

Mother and Son Reading Bible Together

Not ANOTHER bad hair day?


God has blessed me, what can I say?


Ahhh, c’mon, just move aside!

Businessman Entering Taxi

Hi my friend, would ya like a ride?


Oh NO! Not again today!

Might I offer some help today?

Math Teaching Assisting Student

That’s just great, I get the dregs.

Bitten Donut

A nice lunch run to stretch my legs!

portrait of a mid adult woman jogging in a park

Ug…the dinner’s a big fat zero!


Love that husband, he’s my hero!

Three Friends Eating Pizza

And…off course we have all THIS!


I’ll just have a low-cal kiss –


Better get right on this mess

Young woman loaded with cleaning supplies

Isn’t he great? I am truly blessed.

close-up of a man holding grocery bags

Hmmmm…tomorrow shall I dread?


Instead let’s all snuggle instead.

Soles of a Couple and Their Child

What kind of night’s sleep shall I face?


He meets me in each and every place.


Always a gift, each new day…

Blond woman lying in field

As long as it’s to Him, I pray.

Christian Praying

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23

“©CreationSwap/Paul Snyder
Photo Credit ©CreationSwap/Paul Snyder

**Unmarked images used with permission from Microsoft Office Images – No specific attribution or photo credit desired or required.


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