Cool to Do

Sarah Bryant via

Sarah Bryant via

My special joy-observed moment today was found first thing this morning at work…

The team of folks I am in training with, along with our awesome teacher prayed together.

Didja hear that?

We got to pray together… work.

I LOVE it!

I have finished the season in life where it was not allowed to pray together as a group at work, and have joyfully emerged into a renewed time in which it is not only acceptable to pray with others in the corporate setting, but vital to the health of the ministry and the employees too.

It’s cool to do.

Thank you Jesus for allowing the the privilege to pray out loud with others, whether I am at work, out in the world, or at home. I am so very grateful and I am filled with joy for this seemingly small, but oh-so-very-big and awesome gift!

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy, Philippians 1: 3-4




3 thoughts on “Cool to Do

  1. What a special privilege and honor that is! Most of the corporate world would not tolerate that. What a wonderful blessing to be a part of that ministry! Thank you for sharing this!

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