The coming catechism of the church of Secular Humanism

Very good! Something to think about.

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

DownloadedFileThe State is about to compel you to change your religion.

The establishment of a state religion is quickly taking place before your eyes. Forced conversions are rapidly under way, and they are targeting your children.

They are spreading across the nation.

Massachusetts is leading the way in the imposition of this religion, Secular Humanism. The state has already run Catholic Charities out of the business of adoptions. Formerly the largest provider of adoption services in the state, Massachusetts told them that unless they change their religious beliefs to those of Secular Humanism by adopting to same-sex couples, they had to get out of the business.

In other words, Massachusetts put their state religion ahead of the well-being of children, a common trait of this religion that views creation as a disease.

Now the Massachusetts Board of Education is expanding their reach directly into the schools, targeting…

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