To Do, or Not to Do

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” Hebrews 12:1 ESV


As always, I have a big, long “to do” list today (hope it doesn’t turn into a “fry day” – lol). Actually, I have several of these lists, because I tend to compartmentalize all my “to dos” into categories or I get overwhelmed. And you know what? They aren’t going to all get done today. No way, man…no way.

You know, friends….I realize, that sometimes, we just have to truly, truly let go, don’t we? Just when I think in my little mind that I have done just that, the Lord gently reminds me – “no, not in that way, Annie…not in that way. You still aren’t understanding yet…you still aren’t hearing me.”

He knows I have “surrendered” to His will in regard to the employment problem/question/issue. He knows that I am willing to change what He wants for me to change if He asks me to. He knows that I am following after Him with all that I have, but the situations and circumstances in life are making that hard and causing me to lose my focus. He knows it all. But that still isn’t what He was calling me to do in regard to letting go. He put this on my heart and in my mind pretty firmly last night and this morning.

Teenage Girl on Swing

Here is what I heard over and over in my head when I prayed: “No, Annie…I mean, really let go! I know you are willing to leap, or jump, or stay put, but just want me to tell you which one to do. It’s not time yet for you to know which one. Annie, just let go of it completely right now. I will tell you when you need to know. Just move through life right now and trust me to guide you.”

Wow! Talk about a challenge for a control freak like myself. I thought I was being sufficiently challenged to have become willing to surrender and jump into what seemed like an abyss or wait in a situation that has become very difficult to wait in, but as always, I am awakened to the fact that I still have so very far to go when it comes to true surrender. I suppose I always will until I get to heaven.

Woman Running with Dog

Oh, guys…I feel so much better, it makes me tear up right now as I write to you before I start this day. I feel such a weight lifted. There is enough to juggle to keep me plenty busy while I wait and while I practice letting go. I have always said to people I work with or interact with that sometimes, what I need to work on is to not work on anything. Sometimes, what I need to do, is not do anything. I coached others in their development for years, and most of them wanted/needed to focus on something in order to grow. For me, and others like me, we often need to focus on having good goals, yes, but just “being.” Oh, this is hard!

My very grounded and spiritually mature daughter said something so very profound the other day when I was discussing all of this with her. Actually, she said several profound things, but one of them was “What I see, mama, is you wanting so badly to turn this all over to God….but you keep picking it back up again every morning. You need to leave it there. Just leave it there for Him and trust Him to give back to you what He decides to give back and when.”


Does that not blow you right out of the water?

Know something else the Lord gave to her to share with me? Dig this little nugget of truth: “You know, if we aren’t careful, a trial can become an idol too.”

And, now standing by the side of the lake freezing in the wind with no towel.


Whoa…I love truth! Even when it slaps me right upside the head. Actually, especially when it does that.

After that, I went through about 12 hours of I-don’t-know-what, about the fact that my daughter is more spiritually mature and in tune with the Lord than I am. Ha Ha. (not really funny, but true in many ways)

Below I share in pictures how  I think that the Lord means for us to let go when we  have reached a point with something where we are just at a loss as to what to do. And you know…..when I look at this myself before I send it out to share with all of you, I feel calm about the whole matter for the first time in a long time. You know why? Because I knew it all before – I knew that God has it under control  I knew that He has a plan – I knew He has our backs, He is in charge, and He will take care of all of us.

Woman by Ocean with Arms Outstretched

But I didn’t feel it. And we don’t always, do we? But today, He is giving me a break from that – exhale. Today, He is allowing my feelings to match up with what I know. We need those breaks, friends…don’t we? I am thankful.

Because, well…when I look at this below, I see clearly that this is enough, isn’t it friends? This is plenty to take with us throughout the day. If we can just think on these things…do, or don’t do the other things…God can guide us to do the rest. God is enough….God is enough.


The verse I placed in the beginning of this post does say we need to run the race with endurance…this is true. We still have to go through this life and press on to the calling God has placed upon us. At the same time, it also says to lay aside every weight and sin that clings so closely – if we really think about it, we aren’t going to be able to run very well if we skip that part, are we?

I hope that if any of you are feeling the same way about a specific situation in your life, that you see this today and find encouragement in here. And if I don’t know you, please know, that the Lord has put you on my heart – I am praying for you, really, I am. He knows your name – He knows who I am praying for. So…do, or don’t do my friends – go with what the Lord leads you to today – but while you do so, think on these things from Him…and carry them with you wherever you may be, and wherever you may go.

Love and Blessings…..





























The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness,
The world and those who dwell therein. Psalm 24:1



12 thoughts on “To Do, or Not to Do

  1. Such humbling, honesty! I love it, although now I wish I could go running or swing on a swing – lol! A picture really is worth a thousand words for in it we visualize what the heart is yearning for. Again, love this post!

    • Yes…I love the pictures, and you know, that is so daunting sometimes…with all the copyright rules, it takes us a long time to search for just the right images, yet the ones we can use. That alone, has been something I have been growing in too as the Lord takes this blogging adventure further. I would love to swing today too, but am in the midst of a snow storm. So, let’s just swing together in spirit, shall we? Ha ha. Have a blessed day, and thank you for the wonderful encouragement and blessing that you are! Annie 🙂

  2. Hmmmm…’re talking about the “Nestea Plunge”–just let go and let God! I have a hard time doing just that, as well. Thank you for addressing this in your honest post today–I really appreciate your thoughts–and your prayers! Thanks also for stopping by my blog and for the “like” feedback. God uses us to encourage one another on our faith walk/run/rest! God’s blessings to you today!

    • Yes! It is difficult, no? It is funny too, because compared to how I used to be, I have seriously done some letting go! But, alas….still struggle. God knows us, and He will help us – isn’t that encouraging? I pray you have a blessed day, friend. Annie B 🙂

  3. Great article Annie. Are you looking for work? You seem to be very intelligent, in touch with life and connected to our Lord. You appear very spiritually mature. I think you’re doing great. We can be great and sometimes not be aware of it. Let your light shine, girl!

    • Oh thank you for your kind words and encouragement! No, I am actually struggling because I have work…lol! I wrote a post about it the other day, and it was about the spiritual battle I am facing about that – feeling bad because I am so grateful for my job, yet feeling called elsewhere, but the doors haven’t opened quite yet…the waiting on the Lord, the knowing when to leap, all that jazz. Thank you so much for your heart and encouragement – you blessed me so much today, as always. I will continue to shine, just as you will and we can proclaim to the ends of the earth that God is GREAT! Annie 🙂

  4. Hey Annie!!!! GREAT post!!! Reading about God’s work in people’s lives is so refreshing. You touched on so many points. I was listening to Creflo Dollar this morning and he spoke on having faith and having unbelief. When we have both, they cancel each other out. I thought of this when you stated that your daughter said to just let it go. He also mentioned the part about “giving attention” to the problem is a sign of unbelief, or as your daughter stated, it becomes an idol…..Ahhhh, the beauty of understanding God’s grace. He is so dear to us. I am glad you got revelation on your situation. Things will turn around in such a way when you least expect it!!! :–)

    • This is wonderful – thank you! I so appreciate you sharing that – it totally makes complete sense too, doesn’t it. Isn’t it funny how God’s truth isn’t as complex as we make it out to be when we let our “feelings” get in the way? Ha Ha. I love the Lord and how much He is teaching me! Thank you so much – I can’t tell you how your encouragement blesses me! I pray you have a wonderful weekend! Annie 🙂

  5. There are some verses in Isaiah that really helped me through a tough time when I just didn’t know what was coming up ahead. “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight:I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron.” Isaiah 45:2 kJV Verse three is great too. I prayed this verse back to God often during those days and He did indeed go before me and make the crooked places straight:)

    • Oh thank you so much, Sandra! I am so abundantly touched by this. I am so going to follow these verses daily, as you have inspired me. I am so thankful for the new friends I have found here. Blessings and love to you! Annie 🙂

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