Let’s focus on the gifts that we HAVE been given!


So, after much prayer, consideration, and exhibition of major vulnerability today, I decided that I needed to tap into the gifts that the Lord HAS provided me with in order to allow Him room to help me to overcome some of these technical obstacles I mentioned yesterday.

What is one of those gifts and how am I going to use it? Studying.

Jesus has helped me pretty much throughout my entire life to be a good student. It’s not due to intelligence at all. But He has given me motivation and helped me form good study habits, and that counts for something.

Although I am not as good at studying as I used to be, I can still do it pretty well. It takes me longer now, I don’t absorb the massive amounts of information as quickly as I used to, but I suppose that is part of what happens when we grow old. Oh well.

But the basics – the heart, desire, and commitment to study when I know that I need to in order to master something that’s difficult for me? That’s still there. Thanks be to God.

You know…I was thinking….

Maybe, if I remain challenged in this area and have to “study” more for a while, my brain will even become sharper?

If you feel challenged in a particular area today, go to the Lord in humility and prayer and believe that He will help you. He may reveal a gift of yours that has been buried or hidden for a long time that you can use to overcome something. Or, He may just endow you with a new gift, or His own supernatural power.

I suppose anything is possible….don’t you agree?

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27 ESV