Razzle Dazzle


Razzle dazzle gather round

See our glitter, hear our sound

Pasty lady, white and glowing

All our thoughts; she is a sowing.


Razzle dazzle, see the lights

Fat cats abound; suck up our sight

Pretty sounds from lips instead

Backroom deals over our heads.


Never fear,  just love the razzle

Whilst your nerves they shall unravel

Twisting tummies; party dances

Molding minds through all their prances.


Look at the stage, it’s all a’ dazzle!

Round and round, the whirling frazzle

Morphed and moved by itchy ears

Here’s our pill to calm thy fears.


Razzle Dazzle ’round she goes

Where she stops nobody knows

In the glass house, they are all-seeing

“Let’s party, folks!” And break some ceilings.

The LORD enters into judgment with the elders and princes of His people, “It is you who have devoured the vineyard; The plunder of the poor is in your houses.” Isaiah 3:14






Sunshine Spots


Puppy breath

Big fat smiles

Steaming Coffee

Running Miles

Happy Dances

Snoopy Lives!

Receiving Flowers

Husband Gives

Young Adults

Babes are Grown

All those seeds

They’ve been sown

Bible Time

Words of love

Speaking Life

Gifts from above

Beachy Getaways

Airplane Rides

Toes in Sand

Birds that Glide

Jesus Joy

All around

Inside Out

His grace abounds

Sunshine Spot

The puppy seeks

Laying there

For weeks and weeks

Plants and flowers

Growing tall

Life goes on

In these four walls

Smiling faces

Hearts to hug

Burdens lifted

No need to lug

Peanut butter and honey

On top of toast

Dripping and delicious

Satisfies the most

Books to read

Poems to write

Colors to embrace

Black and white

Seeking light

While hugging chains

Basking in sunshine

Appreciating rain

All of it pales

When I seek His face

The greatest gift of all

He’s in every place

Jesus, my Savior

The One who lives

Thank you for the little things

For the light You give.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. John 8:12








So Glad

Via TheChristianWallpapers.com

Via TheChristianWallpapers.com

So glad He is love

So glad He reigns above

So glad He’s more loyal

So glad He’s the royal

So glad He loves better

So glad for His letter

So glad that He tames

So glad I’m not stained

So glad He creates

So glad for new slates

So glad that He chooses

So glad we aren’t losers

So glad He’s the father

So glad that I’m smaller

So glad that He came

So glad He heals lame

So glad He saves sin

So glad He lives within

So glad He’s so great

So glad it’s not too late

So glad He is risen

So glad He is living

So glad for the time

So glad that He’s mine

So glad He gave brothers

So glad He saved others

So glad He is love

So glad we’ll be above

So glad for His hope

So glad for cut ropes

So glad I am free

So glad He saved me

So glad He loves souls

So glad we, He holds

So glad He is all

So glad all in all

Hans via Pixabay

Hans via Pixabay

Be Still, Bro

green flower


Need dinner on the table
Got lots of bills to pay
Three places I need to be at
Get that workout in today.


Calendars to prioritize
And mail to sift on through
Taxes to prepare, and
Lots and lots to do!


Need to check the schoolwork
And get over to the store
Have that other appointment
Gotta get on out the door.


Get the house all clean
All that laundry still to do
Return those fifteen phone calls
That bill is coming due!


Time to read that article
Fit in coffee with my friend
Don’t forget that application
And those pants you need to mend.


I forgot the paper towels
And the coffee filters too!
Better make another trip
Then pick them up from school.


Texts,pix and emails,
Updates, posts and tweets
Answer all those voice mails
Don’t forget to bring the treats!


Cook, bake, garden, sweep
Then pick up all this mess
Consolidate goodwill basket
Don’t forget: reduce your stress!


Volunteer, attend and offer
Five more forms to get filled out
Don’t forget the plants need love
Always smile and never shout.

BE STILL……………………….

You need to put the clothes away
And the house needs to be dusted
Remind yourself that when you can
That sink is looking rusted.

AND KNOW………………………

Devotions, prayer and quiet
Spending time with Him
Set the stuff aside
Put all the lights on dim

THAT I………………………….

Drop it, let it go
Don’t let it get to you
Focus on time with Jesus
Not all you have to do.

AM GOD………………………..

Fun With Water Drops - 6

Fun With Water Drops – 6 (Photo credit: Cayusa)








He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations,
 I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

Mama Used to Come to My House

Mama used to come to my house.
This bag, inside, she’d lug…
She’d set it by the door,
And start to give the kids their hugs.

Cancer moved it to the closet –
Stored away for rainy days –
The shadow shocks arrive,
Feeling somewhat sad and dazed.

Maybe I’ll look inside –
Memories of her to be found there?
Or will that make things worse?
Don’t know if I should dare.

I smell her mama smell –
But these are just some robes…..
Deeper, digging, hoping –
I continue to search and probe.

Out comes light and beauty,
My mama’s pretty face –
Hidden down deep inside,
Of a dark corner; it’s own space.

Is this a magic bag?
One like Mary Poppins’?
Will I keep on finding things?
Is that the way these things, they happen?

Nope. This isn’t magic.
No special tricks in here…
God sends me a special message –
That He wants for me to hear.

So back to the closet it goes.
But I think it needs more light.
I’ll make it nicer in here –
I’ll make it a bit more bright.

Mama used to come to my house.
This bag, she’d always bring –
But she’s still here and with us….
In our hearts, she hums and sings.

Revelation 21:4  “He will wipe away every tear from  their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor  crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

Is there someone you love who has gone home to be with the Lord who used to come and visit you at your house? Please feel free to share your story below in the comments!

Queen Be(e)?

If we could be, we might be “Queen Bee”
And rule all over our world –
To protect what is ours, all that’s under the stars,
Our gold and our diamonds, our pearls.

But the riches of earth, they aren’t really worth
much of anything other than strife –
Gems only shine, for just a short time
In Jesus’ love, that’s where we find true life.

His kingdom of love, transcends stars above
Where we can’t ever go the wrong way –
In the midst of His might, our one source of light
I’m so glad we’ll be with Him each day.

Remember who’s King, in His name we sing!
The Savior of you and of me.
As co-heirs with Him, not subjects of sin
In Christ, we can reign with the King!.

And if you ever wonder, when you hear heaven’s thunder
Who is ruling over earth, land, and sea?
It’s our Lord over all, all that’s big, all that’s small
And with Him, true royalty, we shall be.


The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together. Romans 8:16-17

Quenched Vision


I sense a warm light and I know that it’s Him –
My eyes adjust, tell me to follow His path.
I trust the destination He’s leading me to
Moving forward, I decide “don’t look back.”

Illumination allows for much clarity
And less fear while commencing a journey.
Although still uncertain as to where He will take me
He’s always faithful; His promises, there are many.

His light always conjures up comfort for me
Of a rewarding, enlightening destination.
But through many trials that I may have to endure
Will be dark spots, before all comes to fruition.

So if I see darkness heading my way
Shall I pause and lose pace, or just go?
Plowing through black, seeking light, He will lead me;
Into His arms, that blessed place that I know.

Dark days then, have purpose, just like light ones do –
For through darkness I learn how to see…
In a much different way than just with my eyes
Through His vision, He makes a whole me.

And I’ll love that new vision I can have without eyes –
Become sharper, more aware, thanks to Him.
And that loving reward of His, it’s within grasp,
As I continue onward, each day, sight won’t dim.

Yes there’s much to say for the light and the dark
It uncovers perspective, a gift and reward –
And pulls from within us a strength long forgotten
Deep inside; His grace and power is stored.

Saved up, for times like today, times like these –
For us to draw from; reserves, just like water…
That men in the desert thirst for and need,
Replenished with Him, we become all the stronger.

So I choose to embrace each day; all my vision –
Whether full of light or just bits seeping through.
And I’ll look deep within for His strength that is there
He is my sight, He’s my light, He is truth.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life John 8:12 NIV

I Pray

Used with permission from Microsoft Office

Used with permission from   Microsoft Office

I pray for a pure heart.

I pray for happy families.

I pray for people to see Jesus…to see Him CLEARLY and let Him work wonders in lives.

I pray for joy.

I pray for comfort.

I pray for the laughter of a baby, the warmth of the sun, and celebrating each day as Christ’s day.

I pray for light.

I pray for hope.

I pray for everyone to have what I have in HIM, Jesus Christ, the Great “I AM.”

I pray for peace.

I pray for love.

I pray for His face to shine unending upon all of His children in the world.

I pray for grace.

I pray for mercy.

I pray to worship my King and all that He has done for our souls.

I pray to thank Him.

I pray to praise Him.

I pray to talk to my best friend, my Lord, and the Author of all Creation.

Today I pray.

Tomorrow I pray.

I pray with the privilege of knowing that there is One who hears and dispels all fears.

The omniscient ears are open. Waiting to hear our cries. Waiting to hear our songs.

Won’t you pray with me?

Father God, we are so very grateful for You…for who You are….and for all You have done and continue to do for each and every one of us. We know that we like to act up at times, and we often turn our eyes away from You. That must hurt…it must hurt very badly. Today we cry out to you and pray our voices reach Your ears like the music of the angels in heaven….we pray it sounds sweet to You. For to us, Father God…to us….you are truly our Father…our “daddy”…..our hope, our light, and the love of our lives. Forgive us Lord Jesus….forgive us for not spending time with You. Forgive us for going into our rooms and locking the door upon which you are continually knocking. Thank you God….thank you for never giving up on us. Thank you for always being willing to welcome us back to You with open arms. After all that we have done to You. Keep us near, Lord. Please continue to prod us and nudge us whenever we are straying or looking the other direction. For You, our King….YOU are everything. Help us to love you. Give us what we need to love one another the way that You love us. We know we will fall short, Dear Jesus. But we ask You now to give us Your supernatural power and fill us with the Holy Spirit….that we may do our very best…our very best to shine a reflection of You around this globe. Come back soon, Father…..please……come back soon.” In Jesus’ Precious and HOLY name, WE PRAY!!!!”

Psalms 55:17 Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.

courtesy of uponthisrock.com

courtesy of uponthisrock.com

I Cried Out





Sometimes, we have darker times to contend with in life. Other times, we are simply filled with joy, goodness, and happiness. But most of us can truly say that our life here on earth has been a stew-like mixture of the two. It’s never perfect, and often, it’s far from it.

If life were always a piece of cake, we might be bored (or at the very least, we would not stay physically fit). Sometimes, we have to deal with the vegetables in life, the absence of dessert, the exercise, and all the “good for us” things that we need to maintain (or get back to) a good level of fitness and health. Many times, if we have let ourselves go too far for too long, that means forming more healthy habits can be difficult, or even painful for a while. This holds true both physically and spiritually for each and every one of us.

This ends up raising some questions for us. Can we learn to lean upon God for the strength we need to embrace that pain and see it for what it is? Are we willing to trust in Him and the knowledge that He will give us what we need to move through the rough patches and come out the other side all the stronger? Are we willing to do the foot work required to take the steps that God would have us take in order to bring His will in our lives to come about? Or, are we simply after the bandaid of the quick sugar fix? It really is a choice on our part as to whether we will turn to Him in these difficult times or not.

Either way, whether we look to Him and His power to get through these trials or not, pain is still going to be there. One way or another, it is going to catch up to us. We are either going to spiral downward into the abyss of despair and remain there alone, or we will fight a good fight (which is still painful until it’s over) and pray that God lends His supernatural and mighty strength to us to pull out of the darkness and emerge stronger.

He does promise us that His strength shines all the brighter through our imperfection and weakness…..in fact, He says that we can even embrace those dark times because it is an opportunity for His power to become manifest in our lives…..

8 Concerning this thing I pleaded with the Lord three times that it might depart from me. 9 And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Cor 12:8-10

Last April was a pretty difficult period in my life, and one in which I began to see the verse above in a completely different light. It was a time that only lasted for about two weeks in totality, and the worst of it spanned about three days. There have been many times in my life where I have been through grief and trials that lasted far longer than this. But this one was intense. I look back now and see how much grace and mercy the Lord showed me during this time. I don’t know that I could have endured it for much longer a period than it actually lasted. God always knows.

Some physical things that were going on in my body ended up placing me into a very depressed, and extremely scary state. This depression was very different than the kind I had experienced in the past – those had been things that could simply be explained due to circumstances that were happening at the time. But this didn’t seem like “situational” depression. This was physical…chemical…deep down within my core. And no matter how hard I fought, I could simply not speed up the process of coming out of it. It was escalating, becoming more unpredictable and erratic by the moment, and each time I thought I had reached the peak of it and was ready to come back from what I thought was the bottom, I spiraled further downward. I had absolutely no control over my body or my mind. It was unbelievably surreal.

My poor husband had to watch this over the weekend that it peaked in intensity. I cried to him for help, and he did all that he possibly could to be there for me. But it just would not get any better. I had to turn to God and cry out to Him in a much deeper way than I had been before. I knew that I would come out the other side if He chose to bring me there too. But there was always that chance that He may not choose to do so (for His own Godly reasons), and that was looking like a very strong possibility to both my husband and myself. And I had to accept that too. Whoa.

That moment when I realized I may never be the same (sanity-wise) again was a pivotal point in my life spiritually; To realize that nothing we have is not a gift from God. Everything comes from Him. Nothing is owed to Him. He owns our physical health, our next breath, and our sanity. He owns our children, our finances, our jobs, our lives, our minds, our bodies, everything. None of it is mine.

I grappled with some very serious questions once I had this little epiphany. Wow. What if I go deeper into this depression thing? What if I don’t come out of it this time? What if I lose my mind completely, have to be taken care of or even locked up in a hospital if this thing worsens? I found myself staring out into space for ten to twenty minutes at a time…not quite in a trance, but close. I felt like I was watching myself from the outside, like watching a movie. I felt like one of those folks that is catatonic…that have just completely checked out of reality or moved within themselves into their own little world. I found myself holding conversations, with no problem whatsoever, then suddenly having to remove myself to another room and literally being on the floor, my body shaking, literally heaving with overbearing grief and sobs of remorse.

But the worst part of it was that I could not figure out what was going on here. There was NOTHING wrong in my life, my friends. I was happy in my family life and marriage. My kids and husband were solid and happy in their lives. Everything was going okay with all of the people in the world that I loved. I was content at my work. I loved my church life and felt closer to God than ever before. Sure, I was going through some hormonal changes (they call it perimenopause, and it stinks), but how bad should that kind of thing be? Don’t women by the multitudes go through this all the time? Hasn’t it been a part of a woman’s life for generation upon generation? Why should it put me on the floor? I just could not understand it.

Although I didn’t feel very good about it, I realized that I had to accept that only time would tell what would happen here, and that it truly would be up to God as to the outcome. Honestly, I had exhausted every single thing within my control in dealing with it on my own, with my doctor’s help, and by speaking to my husband about it over and over again. I had sought wise councel, gotten help medically, changed things in my lifestyle, and other things as well. But it just wasn’t getting better. In fact, it was getting much worse.

I decided that I couldn’t do much more than to ask the Lord to meet me where I was at and take it literally moment by moment. I decided to do what He says to in His word…cry out to Him and Him alone. I decided that He may bring me out to the other side, and He may not, but that it wouldn’t hurt to plead my case. But I also decided, that although I really wanted to have it go away, and I really wanted Him to decide to deliver me from this (which He did, two days later), that if He chose not to, I would belive with all my heart that He would stay with me no matter what. This, was what was most important to me. To know that no matter what, God would not leave me alone. That He would be with me…sane or not.

Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble,
And He saved them out of their distresses.
20 He sent His word and healed them,
And delivered them from their destructions.
Psalm 107:19-20

God taught me through this difficult trial that it’s imperative to pray for things to happen according to His will. He showed me that as badly as we want something, that we must yield to His will in the matter. Thankfully, for me, in this situation, God did choose to deliver me from this depression and bring me back to my feet again. But one day, whether it’s depression or something else, He may not make the same choice. Jesus Himself had to face that as well. In the Garden of Gethsemane, He prayed…

42 saying, “Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.” Luke 22:42

Here is the poem I wrote to the Lord on that day. It sums up my heart during this depression. It was the most desperate cry for help that I think I have ever uttered. And God, in His grace and mercy…well, He answered.

The Meeting Place – April 2012

Take me away God, take me away
From the darkness, the pain and the cold.
Save me, protect me, guide me and lead me
Onto You, Father, I just need to hold.

Take me away Lord, take me away
Let me cling to Your glory, see Your face.
Shining upon me, guarding, You love me
Wipe away all my tears without trace.

Bring me back God, oh please, bring me back
To the place where You seep out of me.
Where Your spirit breathes life, fills the holes
Where You live, anywhere I may be.

Bring me back God, bring me on back
To those who need me, who love and who care.
Help me to let You fight all of my battles
Every time, every place, everywhere.

Take me away from a worldly life, God
Dearest Father, please live through me here.
Bring me back to a place where both things can happen
Living this life, but with You always near.

Meet me here God, oh please, meet me here
Where with You, all glorious and mighty things come.
Take me to the summit and lend me Your vision
In my weakness, your strength’s not outdone.

Take me away, bring me back, then meet me here
Every one of these rolled into one.
Oh Father, don’t let me forget who You are,
All you’ve given me, through Jesus, Your Son.

My Father, You take all of my breath away
I’m in awe of Your majesty, Your grace.
You bring me back to the earth when I need it
And You meet me here, in this very place.

True Sight

This life and eternity, well they’re not one in the same.
And what’s in-between, really doesn’t have a name.
We walk around, in the light, yet it’s dark
And think we know truth, but we’re not that smart.

We think we know much, it’s a common confusion
But what we do know can just stink of illusion.
I can look in a mirror and think that I see
A reflection of Christ, but it’s really just me.

Just what does this show us? It shows little at all!
And what we think’s big could really be small.
And why do we think with just our eyes we can see,
All of the truth of just how “life” could be?

Sometimes I just think that if we were all blind
We’d then look to our hearts and not just our minds –
And discern what is real and find truth in this place
And know of God’s love as we come face-to-face.

For this in-between, well, it doesn’t matter most.
It’s just a short stop before we meet the Heavenly Host.
And that’s if we decide to make our own choice
To live in His love, and listen closely for His voice.

It guides us to walk strong, instead of just wander.
It helps us have purpose, our time we won’t squander.
And reside in the joy that only He, Christ can bring –
Inside of our hearts His clear voice, it will sing!

Then when I look in that mirror, I may get to truly see
To realize fully that He is living there, not me.
HE needs to shine through, emanate HIS true reflection,
Now my in-between can be marked by HIS heavenly direction.

To see Him with clear eyes, no longer be bleary!
And await heavenly communion while helping those weary.
Anticipating new life where we really do know –
All of the things that our Savior, Lord Jesus can show.

No longer just reflection, but a clear and present face,
It shines all around us, we’re forever in His grace!
And this short stop in life that we had while being here,
Just served to move us onward, and eternity, it is near.

So common confusion, well it’s just not for me.
I want what’s real truth, and to have clarity.
I want to walk fully within Christ’s real and eternal light.
I desire for only Jesus to offer me HIS true sight.