When an Inch Takes You Further than a Mile


Inching my way through so many days in 2015 taught me some things, the first of which is that this gal has so very much more to learn. I suppose I will until the day that I go home to live in heaven for all eternity. Thanks be to God that I have a love of learning!

Some days, I had to literally crawl out of bed and inch my way to the bathroom – slowly, but surely – like a little snail making its way to an important destination. I would find myself stopping and stretching along the way to loosen the Fibromyalgia-ridden muscles that had frozen up even more over the night of restless sleep I had just experienced.

But I kept inching and moving to where I needed to be.

I was able to get up. I was able to make it through another day in this new, but very old and unhealthy body.

Inching. Crawling. Stretching. Hoping.

Hoping that eventually I would be able to stand. Upon standing, I would then be able to walk. And after walking for a little while, the aching muscles would finally warm up and begin to melt enough to walk throughout my day. My entire day.

Then it would be time to do it all over again.

Yes, in 2015 inching my way through things became a part of my new normal. But the learning that the Lord brought into my life through this new form of “suffering” went on for miles and miles.

It always worked you know- the morning ritual of inching my way along -the heat from within my awakened body would begin to melt the pain enough to make it through. Some days I would be able to walk in a more sprightly manner than others. While other days ~ well ~ inching along would become my mantra on those swell little 24 hour periods of time.

  • I learned to appreciate how far I could still go even when I had to inch my way toward my next destination…Thank GOD that He is on my side.
  • I learned that inching along rather than running from place to place gives one time to ponder, appreciate, mull things over, and reflect….as long as we remain in His divine presence every “step” of the way.
  • I learned to celebrate – celebrate like there’s no tomorrow – each individual accomplishment along the way! Each inch was a mountain that I had just climbed – and it was all because He carried me along the way.

And now, this new year has ensued, and I have desires that I find myself striving for, and the Lord is helping me along the way. He is helping me to make sure that my own desires are in line with  His for me. And, as always, He is ever-so faithful.

He takes me on journeys that seem to last for miles and miles with each  and every inch that goes by.

We got an elliptical trainer for our family for Christmas, friends. Along with our treadmill, we hope it will serve our little clan well as we all try to make movement and good health part of our daily habit.

Two years ago, an elliptical trainer was “too easy” for me.

Two years ago, our treadmill was a back-up tool only for me for when it was too cold to go running outside.

But today – today, I am able to get on that elliptical trainer. I couldn’t fathom the thought a few months ago.

Today, I am able to inch my way toward exercise again, friends. And those inches seem to last for miles and miles.

My first day, I was barely able to do five minutes on the elliptical, with NO incline, and on the LOWEST setting.

Today, I did eight minutes.

I am inching my way toward my goal. But I am far richer today than I was two years ago when I could run for miles and miles.

Maybe once I am able (if?) to run again, I will remember – I will remember what it is to only be able to move one inch at a time.

I will remember what it is to move forward with Christ at my side, knowing fully that I am totally dependent upon Him and Him alone, and that I will move at the pace He has set out for me, as long as it is on HIS path and His alone.

Maybe I will have a new season of health again. If I do, maybe I will remember that I am just as dependent upon my Savior in good health as I am when it isn’t so good.

 I pray that I will.

Let us press on toward the true things that Christ has laid out before us, friends. Whether we are able to run for miles and miles or can only move forward one inch at a time, He will guide us and lead us to where He would have us go – if only we trust in Him.

It’s not about us anyway, right? It’s about Him and His story. We are all only here to do His will. And His will is just as powerful in the inches as it is in the miles.

 Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,  I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:12-14







2 thoughts on “When an Inch Takes You Further than a Mile

  1. Unbelievable! Major props to you for seeking strength in Him. The difficulties and change of pace fibromyalgia presents seem…insurmountable. Yet with Him, it’s not so.

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