Lizard Dawgs Need Love Too

My husband and I were gifted a trip recently ~ a getaway for a few days, friends. We enjoyed every minute of it. We are ever-so grateful.

Aside from the time together as a couple and the chance to get away from it all, we were in a beautiful and warm climate. My body truly loved soaking up the sun and the bit of moisture in the air.

This is the kind of place that makes you want to immediately go outside upon waking.


We only ran into a small spot of trouble when winding through these lovely pathways around our hotel as we made the short trek to the beach. They seemed to be lurking at every turn. Some were sunning themselves, while others were scrambling across the path from one place of hiding to another.

You had to be careful, friends ~ some of these dudes were the size of a dog. This one here is one of the medium-sized ones.



Eventually my husband learned that although I was in awe of these scaly (somewhat slimy-seeming) things, I was not about to be walking across any path that I could already see them congregated upon.

Not this girl.

So we did even more walking and took the long way ’round lest we run into more “lizard dawgs.”



Now, when someone is naughty or rude to me around my house, I have decided to call them a lizard dawg. I’ve always had issues with avoidance of conflict.

Upon returning home, we finally were able to get our new puppy we have prayed over for quite some time now. With me starting to work from home instead of in the office, I needed a little friend. My family has wanted a puppy to love for years now.

Meet Rudy.


Rudy is beyond easy to love. He has become a part of our family quite effortlessly and is a wonderful (already trained) little dog. He is easy to take care of, loves to sit and cuddle, but enjoys playing and running around.

He doesn’t make you walk around him to avoid being bitten either, unlike the lizard dawgs.

But as we were returning home, I thought about how people are judged as to how lovable they are sometimes by how easy they are to love. And that is really just not right.

Jesus came to save the sinners, sin, imperfections, warts and all.

He came to love the unlovable.

He calls us to do the same.

There’s nothing wrong with the fact that I love my little Rudy. But I must always remember not just to love him because he’s cute and cuddly. I need to love him (as well as others)even when they are ugly.

I need to remember to love those who don’t always love me back.

Even if they are lizard dawgs…..

And maybe even skeleton dogs too.



For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? Matthew 5:46




1 thought on “Lizard Dawgs Need Love Too

  1. sounds like you had fun – I like the comparison to how Christ doesn’t avoid us just because we may be a lizard dog! 🙂 I have always liked how Jesus first hugged lepers he came across in the road – before he even healed them! p.s. I like your little canine lizard! 🙂

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