I Don’t Do Crazy Well ~ Do You?


Crazy is not my forte. How about you, friend?

As I sit here this morning ~ praying, weeping, laughing ~ this thought came to me:

“Why don’t I do crazy well? After all, it’s like an appendage to me. It’s even bigger than that ~ it’s ingrained into me and runs through every single cell of my body! I’m 48 years old. You’d think I would have gotten used to it by now!”

I accepted a long time ago that crazy is just somehow determined to be a part of Annie. It has a mind of it’s own and it’s a twisted one, at that. It’s a part of me and there’s no way to run from that fact.

But I only accepted the reality of it’s existence. I have never been able to quite accept that it’s there and make best friends with it. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s because I am a Child of God.

NO. Crazy is not my bestie.

So, although I am not deep and close friends with Crazy, I’m not necessarily an enemy with it either. I was for a long, long time. It made for a constant state of war within me that led to no new growth. I still wage war all the time, friends ~ make no mistake about that, K? Sometimes Crazy is in that mix during the battle, but the war is no longer just with the Crazy.

But we do fight and argue and bicker ~  a lot!

So Crazy is not my friend, nor is it my one, sole enemy. It just IS. And I don’t do things well in our relationship a lot of the time.

I know who the real enemy is and the disguise is NOT WORKING.

Sometimes I am quite baffled by the fact that our relationship suffers. You would think with a constant companion, you would get to know and understand one another better and reach some compromise as to how to co-exist peacefully.

Not with this girl though.

The only conclusion I can draw (because Crazy is moving aside for a moment here), is that maybe we don’t do Crazy well for several reasons.

Maybe Crazy is there for a reason?

  • It keeps me uncomfortable living in this body, this flesh, this convoluted mind and this world.
  • It keeps me from becoming totally numb.
  • It challenges me.
  • It causes me (most of all) to seek God and HIS wisdom (because I don’t trust my own).
  • It causes my mind to whisper constantly “test this, test this, test this. ~ make sure what and who you are listening to here.”

Yes.  Even CRAZY can be used by God!

Friends, we aren’t meant to be Crazy any more than we were meant to be sinful. We were meant for peace. We were meant for total relationship with God and not to have all this junk to sift through in our hearts and minds.

But man is imperfect now ~ that was part of what happened in the Garden of Eden. Until we get to heaven, we are going to have Crazy to contend with. And sin. But the battle has already been won.

But God has already done the winning for us!

But God is here with us now.

So I say “so what” if Crazy is too. I stick out my tongue to Crazy today. “Naa Naa Naa Naa Boooo Booo!”

Yes, God is bigger than Crazy. God is bigger than all the stuff Crazy does that is not good in our lives. God’s voice is more clear, and true and right ~ ALWAYS.

Trust Him with me in the midst of Crazy today, won’t you?

Don’t ever allow your acceptance of the fact that Crazy is here to stay until we go home to live with the Lord forever, to mean that you have to get comfortable with it.

You don’t. You shouldn’t. You have decided with me not to kick back with Crazy.

We don’t do Crazy well, but Crazy is here to stay a while. Let’s allow God to deal with that stuff ~ ‘Cause He makes ALL things work together for our good, friends!

So if you find yourself distraught, because you think that if you could just “do crazy well” that the war within you would be ceased, know this: It is a blessing if you don’t do crazy well! It means you are doing it right!

Do not cave in to Crazy. It is not the winner here.

Peace will be there for us in the midst of Crazy if we listen to the Lord. It doesn’t always make Crazy go away ~ it just simply overpowers it and puts it in it’s place, friends.

He can and will conquer even Crazy.

It’s a promise.

“But all who listen to me will live in peace, untroubled by fear or harm.” Proverbs 1:33





3 thoughts on “I Don’t Do Crazy Well ~ Do You?

  1. Such a great thought Anne! Yes, we all are crazy because we all think and act differently, so you are not alone in this melting pot, hahah! :). Thanks for sharing it 🙂

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