Zoom Out Time: Perspective Matters


Brain? Frying.

Heart? Hurting.

Head? Pounding.

My God Saves!

Patience? Thinning.

Body? Screaming.

Mind? Reeling.

My God Saves!

Wisdom? Waning.

Emotions? Spinning.

Thoughts? A’ Swirling.

My God Saves!

Energy? Draining.

Gentleness? Careening.

Peace? I’m a’ Cleaving.

My God Saves!

Surrender? Happening.

Sanctification? Continuing.

Redemption? Everlasting.

My God Saves!

Renewal? Waiting.

Replenishment? Hoping.

Refreshment? Needing.

My God Saves!

Peace? Permeating.

Joy? Filling.

Understanding? Learning.

My God Saves!

  • He saves us from it all. He fills us with Himself.
  • He tosses out the gunk. He stockpiles, for us, wealth.
  • He makes broken hearts to heal. We inherit all through Him.
  • Eternity is sealed. He’s discarded all our sin.
  • Moving with Him, through our days.Preparing to enter our forever life.
  • “Don’t lose heart”, He says. There’s a reason for this strife.
  • Trust in Him, no other. Nothing else is tried and true.
  • Not a loved one, sister, brother. Only He makes all things new.

So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16



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