Do You?

via Thomas Roberts

via Thomas Roberts

Do you see Him? ‘Cause He is coming….
In all His glory, power and might.
Oh, do you see Him? He’s almost ready….
To collect His bride, His loves, it’s getting bright.

Do you feel Him? His approach, I know
I hear the rumble of footsteps, oh so divine.
Do you feel Him? He’s drawing near…
He’s coming for us, all of those that He calls “mine.”

Friend, Do you hear Him? His eternal voice…
Calling out your name…. in the book of life?
Oh, do you hear Him? That sweet, sweet sound…
Just listen for His peace, His joy; absence of strife.

Do you know Him? ‘Cause He wants you to…
He longs for you to enter in love with Him.
Do you know Him? It’s not too late!!!
He already paid for it; the price for all our sin!

Oh, are you ready? To meet Him now?
Time’s almost lost, yes, He approaches fast!
Are you ready?! Please choose Him, friend.
Forget inadequacy, perfection, or your sins from the past.

Please don’t tary. ‘Cause He is not…
He’s coming friends, and very soon it shall be.
Oh, please don’t tary! Choose Him today
All knees will bow, and every eye shall see!

Oh my Jesus. Please melt our hearts.
Help us to look and listen; feel you drawing near.
We know you’re coming. And we can’t wait!
To meet you forever…where you’ll hold us, tight and dear.


You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” (Luke 12:40)


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