Because He Already IS.


I dreamed I met my Jesus – face to face. He came toward me and the light that came out of Him extended all the way through me as he approached. When He arrived, it was as though I disappeared into Him, but in the best way imaginable. I had become a part of  Him.

I guess that’s how it really already is now, isn’t it? He lives inside of me. I just don’t get the sensation all the time of being filled with light ~ pure and holy light ~  from the inside out.

Life likes to get in the way. Fleshly sensations and distractions; all the going and the busy. All the sin and the selfishness ~ it all gets in the way. It’s because I let it.

Today I shall focus – truly focus on the light of my Jesus that already lives inside of me ~ and I shall be thankful. Thankful that He is stronger than the layers of dark that try to crush and surround and sabotage. Thankful that He is stronger.

Thankful that I am His child ~ that He lives in me and I am already a part of Him. He is my Jesus. He is my one true love.

He IS ~ The Great and Mighty I AM.

“Jesus said, ‘Remain in me, and I will remain in you.'” (John 15:4)



4 thoughts on “Because He Already IS.

  1. Your words are very pretty and I can identify with what you are saying. Yahshua is within us, it is the only place he can be because he is spirit. You cannot see spirit. He is not a person, he is not flesh and blood, he is spirit. Therefore, he does dwell within our heart and mind. When we shed our flesh we will become a part of the same spirit that you are living, moving, and having your being in everyday that we cannot see.

    I understand what you mean when you say being filled with light, because is synonomous to understanding. I am filled with the divine and true understanding of who my savior is, and how he wants me to worship him, which is in spirit and truth. Only Yahshua can give us this understanding. I know that only through Yahshua can I be saved, and ressurected from this physical body in righteousness when it is my time to leave here. I pray that he continues to give me strength, because I have none, I pray that he continue to be my ears so that I can hear him, and my eyes so that I can see him in my heart and mind. I pray for continual understanding of his divine purpose and plan. He is the ressurection, and life!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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