Cutting It Right Down the Middle ~ 30 Days of Godly Wisdom

So, God is giving me a nudge….He has His reasons. He will reveal them to me. His timing is always perfect. He’s knocking. He’s telling me to take a break – from a lot of things. He’s telling me to step away with Him for a while….to a different place. Oh, how hard it is to let go.

Wisdom given ~ revelations and guidance to be received.




Milk. Survival.


Input from HIM.

Yes, I will cut the 30 Days of Godly Widsom blog series short…it will be finished, but not until I get God’s green light.

This is a new thing for me ` To stop something in the middle. Oh, the disorganization of it all!

To leave something unfinished? To stop short?

Yes…oh yes, friends. I gotta take a break right in the middle of it all.

Because His timing is perfect.

He tells me to wait. To listen. To pray in a more focused way.

Eleven left. Eleven left to complete the 30 days series.

It’s not even an even number, Lord!

What will He reveal during this gap? What will He fill the space I make here with? Something of Himself and His wisdom, I am sure. Something of His glory.

What shall He reveal to me during this time of healing and listening?

I will be praying for you, dear friends. I will be reading what you share as you write and I break for a while.

Know that I am praying and this is part of HIS timing.

I can’t wait to find out what’s in store.



2 thoughts on “Cutting It Right Down the Middle ~ 30 Days of Godly Wisdom

  1. so good to see when someone is listening . . . and being obedient – especially when our minds tell us something contradictory.

    I am confident God will be glorified during this season of rest . . .

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