Social Media: Let’s Get Real

Beautiful post from my dear Emmy ~ my bestie, Heather’s beautiful daughter. THIS is going to be worth your while to read, my friends!

40 Year Wanderer

I’m turning the reigns over to my daughter for this post. She’s gifted. I’m mom. But she’s really gifted by God to see things at such a young age that many adults don’t. I’m proud that she wants to share that gift. ❤️

She’s written this to her younger generation, but honestly I’ve seen some many adults doing this. I’m so thankful I have this great blogging community. You all will get this. Because you are real. Really real.

Join me in reading her blessed words?


It happens all the time. Jane posts that she is so tired of her work and she deserves so much better than this junk-of-a-job. Jane then has fifty people like her post and twenty others comment to tell her that they understand and that she deserves so much better and so do they. At the same time, Bill posts that he is having…

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