My Dad Fought for Freedom in More than One Way

Lt. Col. James Michael Basile – Air Force Pilot – Wonderful Father and Husband – Follower after Jesus Christ.

Lt. Col. James Michael Basile – Hilarious dude – Intelligent beyond description – Lover of His One True King

Lt. Col. James Michael Basile – Dedicated to Holding Value of Country, Family, and Hard Work dear – Value of following Jesus held closest to the heart.

Lt. Col James Michael Basile – Lived to the fullest – died for his country – born again and living forever in eternity with Jesus.

This photo…this is how I remember my dad best. The military, clean-cut man who had the most hilarious side to him! Here, he is wearing my fabulous eighties-style hair clips!


Note: The pens in the pocket HAD to stay.

Oh, how I loved my dad. Oh, how I laugh when I think of all the things he did that made up “Jimmy.” Oh, how I sometimes slip back into feeling his life got cut short when he died in a helicopter rescue mission in El Salvador…just shy of 20 years of dediated service to his country.

He missed his family. We got to see him in Panama for a bit before he returned and then passed away. We got to write a Father’s Day letter to him and found and confirmed that he had actually opened it and read it before he died.

But you know….it’s so comforting to know that this man not only fought for his country, but he also fought to raise his children along with my mother, with good values – and to act upon them every single day.

More than this – more than contributing to the gift of freedom we have in the United States of America – this man fought for true freeom – the kind we only find in Jesus Christ.

I am so glad I will get to see him again one day! That day, that blessed day, when I will leave this life and go to heaven with Jesus – with dad – with mom.

That day when we will live out true freedom with no distractions, temptations, or limitations!

I am so thankful that this man and my mother introduced me to true freedom – introduced me to my Savior – and showed us what it is to love Him with all “their heart, mind and soul.”

It wasn’t easy – fighting for freedom. I’m sure Jim had to withstand a lot of backlash as he fought to do what was right for Jesus at the same time he fought for this country and our freedoms here.

But in the end – I know he would say….”It is worth it. Jesus is worth it ALL.”

I don’t know what he felt in those last moments. But I do know that Jim knew where he would be going when he left this earth.

I miss him – many people that I love miss him too. But because of that freedom we have accepted in Jesus Christ – because of accepting His gift of salvation – we will see him again.

We are truly free.




10 thoughts on “My Dad Fought for Freedom in More than One Way

  1. You honor your dad and no one can offer a greater dedication. I can only say, with the utmost of love and sincerity, he was, and remains, an honored figure for his part in providing us all with freedom, his family with love and a life filled with the Holy Spirit.
    He is, in my eyes, worthy of all the praise we can all give him and all of those like him.
    We salute him today, and everyday.
    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep all of you.

  2. A very heart warming and oh, so beautiful story of your Father, especially when you said, “It wasn’t easy – fighting for freedom. I’m sure Jim had to withstand a lot of backlash as he fought to do what was right for Jesus at the same time he fought for this country and our freedoms here.” I can relate to this because I’m a retired Chief Petty Office of the U. S. Navy, and have been freed from the sin of bondage through Jesus Christ, my Lord, Savior and Redeemer.

    I too, would salute him today, and everyday for his dedication to the service, but more importantly his testimony of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to those his life touched.


    • Oh thank you, Mikey. This is so encouraging and a blessing for me to hear your thoughts and heart. I appreciate you and all you did for Jesus and the gospel and this country. May He continue to bless you and others who encounter Himm through you!!!

  3. I served in Lima, Peru with your Dad, Mom, and you were little ones at the time. Your father was the purest example of the all-American. You were a great family. I recall vividly the phone call I received regarding your father’s accident. I know you know that he is in a better place, though you surely miss him dearly. Thanks for posting this. You honor him by doing so.

    • Dear Friend, I can’t tell you how much it touches my heart that you shared your heart and kind words here about dad. I stand amazed….God is unbelievable! I am so amazed that you saw this post – it truly is a small, yet vast world. God has His hand upon us, for sure. I sent this comment to my brothers – mom passsed away four years ago, but I know my brothers will appreciate it greatly to hear your kind thoughts. I will cherish this forever!

      • My name is Mike Borders. My wife Diana and I really liked and admired your parents. You seemed to be really good kids too.

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