Fear Not

What do you fear as you walk through this day?

Is it what someone might think of you as you have to turn down an invite, an offer for coffee, or a need you are unable to meet at this moment?

How about the health issues you or a loved one are facing – all the unknown, the stress, the hurt or the pain involved?

Are you afraid to be alone or feeling misunderstood and not certain if you will ever feel connected or vibrant again?

Or are you simply just scared ~ afraid of a challenge ahead that seems daunting, too complicated, or just plain stressful in an already filled and overwhelming schedule?

You can do this. Together, with Him. It may not be easy, but He’s got you.

He wants to help you to overcome – all of it.

He wants to help you to fly.

And if it’s scary? He’s right there to catch you.

You are in good and mighty hands.



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