Things Most Chronic Pain Patients Don’t Talk About

Getting Through By God's Grace


When I started this blog, I explained how it would be a way for me to document my journey of overcoming an accident, not giving up and most of all, letting God guide me through it all. And I can honestly say, that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I have had the pleasure to meet so many new people online through support groups and informational pages and learned so much. And for each one of those people, I am truly grateful that our paths crossed. (You know who you are.) 😘

All of us are dealing with many different type chronic illnesses. I’ve met many with the same diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Met others that share a new diagnosis I have of RSD. Meeting more that have already been dealing with Hashimoto’s disease, which as I write this, I am waiting on lab work to confirm that diagnosis. And for…

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