All the Rest


As I complete this blog series on rest – resting in Jesus – I hope you have been encouraged, friends. I pray that even when it’s hard, and even when we have to remind one another, we know deep in our hearts that our Savior – He’ll take care of all the rest.

He takes care of All the Rest.

All the rest of the stuff to do. All of the rest of the things that are weighing on my heart. All of the rest of the stuff I never get to see come to fruition – in people, places, goals, endeavors, hopes. All of the rest.

Today I know…He’ll take care of all the rest. Do you know this too? Will you help me to remember on days that it’s tough?

He takes care of All the Rest.

The rest I need for my body. All the rest I need from the battlefields of the heart – the mind – the fight to live and walk His path in a dark world. He will provide the rest that I need. The shelter. The warm place. All of the rest.

Today….this day, I shall rest in Him – for He is Rest.

He takes care of All the Rest.

Sit back…enjoy a while. Know Him. Love Him. Believe in Him. After all, He has overcome it all. For Us.


Resting in His promises,

Resting in His love…

Resting in His faithfulness,

His guidance from above.

Resting in His holy wisdom,

Resting in His light…

Resting in His sovereignty,

His power and His might.

Resting in His pathways,

Resting even if it’s cold…

Resting in His triumph,

In His wings, so strong and bold.

Resting in His presence,

Resting, drawing near…

Resting in the understanding

My home’s with Him; it’s not here.

Resting ’cause He knows me,

Resting in Him is best…

Resting no matter what goes on,

Him first; He takes care of the rest.




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