Chocolate Dreams


Last night I dreamed of Oreo Cookies – lots and lots of them. Most of the dreaming was pleasant, but there was a part of it in which a slight war ensued as Thin Mints tried to come in and get in on the lovin. That didn’t last long though – the battle part of it all.

Quickly and deftly, my Oreo friends took the wheel again as they ousted their competition. They were loving on me big time and came at me every which way.

Liquid Oreo in squeeze bottles…
Regular good old cookies
Oreo in ice cream
Oreo layered in more chocolate
Oreo bit sized pieces in an Oreo casserole
Just….Oreo. Every kind of Oreo.


They all had faces too – my little chocolate buddies. Smiling and laughing; giggling and jumping, they tried to get in and live as Annie every way they could. During a part of the dream, some other part of my brain said “Should you be scared right now?” but quickly that feeling dissipated and was replaced again with sheer joy and gluttony without shame.

One of them decided to be Oreo top cookie and stayed on my shoulder everywhere I went. He whispered sweet Oreo stuff in my ear and cajoled me into thinking I wasn’t going to get sick if I enjoyed all of his friends to the fullest.


  • I heard of the benefits of chocolate and the way they would soothe my tummy…
  • Twas told of the beauty of happiness found through round chocolate wafers stuffed with white creamy icing…the more you eat, the better you feel.
  • The added benefit was thrown in several times that the more of them I would eat, the more they would multiply and this little tidbit spoke volumes to my inner hoarder and practical nature of saving up for a rainy day.
  • Probably the most convincing argument my little friend had was that I would be “filled with endorphins” upon waking and that all arthritic (or whatever it is) pain in my body would be gone. Plus, my mood would be boosted for eternity.


I must tell you, my friends: I woke up feeling quite fabulous. For a minute I felt like something was missing, however. Something on my right shoulder. No matter. Their story whispered in my ear for what seemed like hours on end will last for quite some time. I’m good for a while.

It worked for a while, the dissipation of pain – and that is a good thing, isn’t it? I didn’t go out and buy any Oreos today ~ I guess the thought of them all night whilst dreaming was enough.


The Lord works in mysterious ways and He most definitely has a sense of humor. I thank my Jesus for sending me chocolate dreams just when I needed them the most.

He knows me. Oh, what love is this. A Mighty Savior who knows that the thought of chocolate will make my little day.




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