Indecision Clouds My Vision?

walking by faith[1]

Hi Friends!

You know, over the past year, I have been presented with numerous decisions to make regarding where I should be job-wise. It’s been a struggle and it  has happened multiple times. This has caused me to really dig deep and ask myself what the Lord has been wanting to teach me. There have been numerous things, and the process continues!

Today I just want to spend a short time with you to share just a tiny piece of what I have learned from the Lord during that process. This part? Well, it’s the part of it all that He has been urging me to share with my friends.

It’s so easy for us to get baffled and frustrated when faced with decisions, isn’t it? A lot of times it’s just easier when God makes the choices for us.

I guess the biggest thing on my heart that I wish to share with you is this: We are placed on  this earth to glorify God and draw others to Christ through all that He does in and through us, right? So our “purpose” is to grow in and develop our (and possibly help others develop their own) gifts, talents and abilities that the Lord so generously gave to us. Why?

So that He can have the impact upon others around us and through us for Christ!

* We have been placed where we are at right now by God.

* God can change where we are at or our circumstances any time He so desires.

* We are called to do His will “on earth as it is in heaven” regardless of the two above points.

* We are to maximize all that He has given to us and use that to share and show Jesus to others!

There is a LOT we can share with one another regarding this topic, but today I want to just say a little something about indecision. Sometimes, it can seem like when we step out in faith – when we don’t know the reasons, or even when everything is muddy and confusing as to whether to dig down and stay put or move on and make changes, that our vision gets cloudy.

Indecision can cloud OUR vision.

And that’s the point: We need to remember that it’s not OUR vision we are here to fulfill – it is the Lord God Almighty’s. He is the one who knows all – He is the one in control. We are called not to rely upon our own human vision, but the true sight that we gain by walking in faith.

We are to trust in Him that He’s got this – even through our “mistakes.”

I fall constantly into the trap of weighing the scales when I have prayed, checked over and over in God’s Word, and cried out to Him for an answer as to a decision that is ahead of me. I seem to have to re-learn this lesson over and over again. The flesh is very stubborn, but God is stronger! Isn’t it funny how we have to be reminded of that so very often?

Know what I have found over the past year? That if God sends an opportunity my way and I don’t step into it, I am more likely to experience “I wonder what would have been if…” than if I didn’t do so. I do not want to be disobedient, and I am so thankful that the Lord has placed that so heavily upon my heart lately. You know why? Because before, I only wanted to do what was best or right for me, and a little for God on the side thrown in there. NOW, I want to obey what God has for me, and I pray (selfishly) that it will work out to be best for me and my family too.

Maybe some day I won’t even care about that other part – you know, the selfish one? Ha Ha.

There’s nothing wrong with digging in and staying put if that’s what the Lord has for you – if you feel called to that and feel you can maximize all that God has given you where you are at, by all means, do it!

But if not, and you see an opportunity in front of  you that seems risky, involves potential failure, doesn’t “make sense” in some ways yet doesn’t conflict with what the Holy Spirit is saying and what the Word says, then it may be a good time to step out in faith.

* If we don’t accept the risk, we may never be able to fully live out what He has for us.

* If we don’t trust Him in the face of possible mistakes, are we really trusting Him at all?

*  Do we only trust Him when it feels safe to do so?

* He has us in His loving hands even when we screw up. Sometimes when we mess up or make what seems like the wrong decision, we realize and experience His love for us on a completely different level than we ever did before.

I want to encourage my friends to continue to love people where you are at, but to move it if He is calling you to move!

Believe that He is going to do a great work in and through you wherever you go (or stay).

Trust Him – He’s big enough, strong enough, powerful enough. He’s filled with more love for you than you can even imagine!

And above all, value obedience even when it doesn’t make an ounce of sense by all human standards.

One word of caution, as I struggle with keeping this in mind all the time: In the pursuit of living out our full potential for Christ, let’s remember who and what we are to glorify and live for – keep it in a Godly perspective. Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in fulfilling our God-given potential and using our gifts, that we begin to glorify, even worship that instead of HIM.

If we remember and pray over that, day in and day out, our vision will change and evolve into His vision. Isn’t that wonderful to think about? We serve an AWESOME God!

Yes, indecision can cloud MY vision, but it’s HIS that makes paths clear.

I want to encourage you to keep looking to Jesus friends! Keep your spiritual eyes wide open and be ready to go where He would have you go. He’s with you every step of the way. Nothing can take that from us!

I’m thankful for the not knowing – for the cloudy human vision I have experienced over this past year. It’s caused me to rely upon HIM and what HE sees ahead more than upon myself. It’s caused me to know He is by my side through it all, and at the end of the day, nothing can separate me from Him and His love. Thank you Jesus.

No power in the sky above or in the earth below–indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:39



2 thoughts on “Indecision Clouds My Vision?

  1. Wow! This is powerful!
    You know, currently, I’m dealing with this same thing. I want to get out of my present work but I couldn’t because number 1, I still have a bond, and 2, I’m not really courageous to be unemployed (selfish, isn’t it).
    I have so much dreams and that involves being a writer but you know, being a writer isn’t financially easy, and I need money to survive.
    As this year opened, I told myself that I’ll be challenging myself to stretch my faith but here I am waiting for something to happen… I’m not courageous enough to take risk.
    And I’m surprised reading this… this makes me think and pray it over.
    I know God has plans for us… it may be unclear now. Just keep on trusting and believing, someday His plan will be clear enough for us to see.

    Thank you very much for this post! It helps a lot! More powers and God bless you always! 🙂

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