Milk and Pickles


My dear friend Heather and I have been discussing menopause a lot lately – the angst, the light through the hard stuff, the good, bad, and ooohhhh, the ugly of it! But most of all, we are trying (oh, so very hard with God’s help) to see the funny in it. There is a way to have a sense of humor about those things which can seem so serious and so pervasive to us, you know. They may indeed be just that as we walk this earth (serious and beyond difficult); but at the same time, we don’t live for this world – we look toward eternity.

Menopause, my friends? It makes it a whole lot easier to look toward eternity with anticipation!

Here’s a link to my Heather’s facebook page and you can read all about this wonderful and real woman of God. You really should check her out – she is amazing!!/HeatherMertens.Author

Anyway, this morning she said to me: “And suddenly I find I am trying to put the milk in the cabinet. Argh.”

Dudes! Believe it or not, as hard as I was (and still am) laughing about that statement, the reason for that is that I have put the milk in the cabinet! I’ve done lots of other weird things too!

Yes. It’s because of menopause. (Ugly enemy)

So this little ditty is for my Heather and for all those women out there struggling with the crazy of menopause, hormonal ups and downs, or any kind of junk in general. Don’t ever lose your sense of humor, friends.

Kids are a’ hungerin’ this mornin’
Eatin yer breakfast’s a very good habit
After looking all around our kitchen
They found the milk was in the cabinet.

Oh, now it makes some sense
Cause mom had it last, are we right?
Don’t look for where it should be then,
Or you’ll be a’looking all day and night!

Our mom’s got a big booty again
And it jiggles, it shakes a lot!
She broke it doing a cartwheel
For about year, she didn’t feel so hot.

Sometimes she laughs and giggles
But eventually will come the tears.
Maybe a growl or two thrown in there,
God, will there be a lot more years?

She runs around all frantic-like,
“Oh God, where’s my brain, help me grab it!”
She smiles when He whispers kindly to her;
“It’s by the milk inside the cabinet.”

Sometimes she worries about it all
Wonders if it’s serving any kinda good cause…
This crazy thing we’re all living through,
This thing called menopause.  😦

She says it’s a daily reminder for her,
That she really needs her Savior..
To guide her and to lead her,
Ta put one foot in front of the other.

She tells us it helps her remember
That flesh and minds are fickle,
And sometimes she laughs out loud,
Finds her keys beneath da pickles.

Yah, sometimes we find her laughing too,
While other times she just wails and weeps.
Menopause may have it’s earthly hold,
But Jesus’ love, well, it runs deep.

“Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10



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