Thanks Giving and Receiving


Have you ever thought about how much humility must be exercised when we can receive from others with grace and thankfulness in our hearts? I’m not talking about the things that are always easy to receive either; although those are good and they happen all the time too.

I’m talking about the way that others give of themselves to us when it’s hard…for them and maybe even for us.

When you are the recipient of something that isn’t always easy to accept, but is very, very good for you nonetheless, are you thankful? Are you grateful for the life lessons, building of character, practice in humility that comes about as a result? Are you grateful and thankful in the ugly mess of it all, even before you know how things are going to turn out?

I know I’m not always – in fact,  not even close! Most of the time it’s just far easier to give thanks for the beautiful and fun things that I receive in this life. When it comes to the stuff that’s just as good for me, but maybe doesn’t feel so great at the time, I can often be quite a spoiled little brat. That is, until I see what’s in it for me. Then I revert back to having a grateful heart and turn around and share some of the credit that belongs FULLY to God for having expressed (finally, after resisting) thankfulness.

Even if I do it secretly – deep down inside somewhere, I’m trying to share the credit if I’m really honest with myself.

I don’t want to be a downer on Thanksgiving folks, so please hear my heart here. This is just the stuff that I thought a lot about not only today but in the last couple of months in relation to being thankful from the heart – truly and really thankful.

So here it goes: (not an exhaustive list)

I am thankful for beauty and fun and light-hearted humor. I am thankful for getting to play with my family, hold babies here and there, and sing silly songs. I am thankful for my bed, hot water, a great job, friends, the ability to write this blog post. I am thankful that Jesus Christ lives and breathes in me and that this life, even the very best of it, pales in comparison to what my eternal life will be with Him one day!

But I want to be more giving in my thankfulness over the next season of my life. I want it to stick around forever too. I want to be more gracious about the things in life that seem like hard knocks, but are truly blessings being disguised and cluttered up by the enemy to seem like rough stuff that we should be bitter about or stressed or anxious about, or stumped about, to the point that we don’t thank the Lord for the grace He is about to shower upon us through the “trial” we are going through.

He’s already got it for us – we just have to turn it over. All the way.

I don’t mean that I want to become a good actress through difficult situations. And already, I am often thankful underneath all of it when I am going through some kind of rough or tough stuff – thank you Jesus! But I hear Him calling me, loudly and clearly….”take it to the next level, my daughter. I can take this so much higher than you’ve allowed me to so far.”

Thanks and giving through the thanks. Grateful even when pressured, concerned. Rising above it all with God, or rather, IN God’s hand, no matter what the circumstance. Authentic expression of angst while simultaneously counting my blessings at the same time.

Not easy stuff. Stuff He sometimes gives us anyway to grow us.

To truly give thanks, it takes surrender, it takes keeping our eyes wide open, and it is imperative that through it ALL, before, during, and after, we are giving all the credit to HIM.

So, ahead of time, I say to my Savior, “Thanks. Thanks for the constant giving of grace. Thanks for loving me despite my serious spoiled brat attitude, my pity parties, my lack of graciousness, humility, surrender. Thanks for giving me the gift of salvation and best friendship in YOU, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  Just thanks.”

In and through it all – I give thanks. In and through it all, I receive grace. In and through it all, reluctant and willful as I may be, I give myself over to You. Thank you for not only saving me, which by far is beyond what I could ever imagine, but for standing by my side.

Always Giving. Always Teaching. Always Loving. Always Thanks.

Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5: 17-19



The Sinking Feeling





Strong and overpowering flesh and will to fight….

A greater calling….

A surrender of those desires…


Willingness to yield…



Crying out in what seems like the darkness…

Hopes dashed….

Hopes reassessed….

Perspective regained…

Eyes on JESUS…..

Have you ever been here? Have you ever had all of these feelings whirling around inside of you, crunching up your heart, yet been filled at the same time with the joy of Jesus and the knowledge that He’s got you – He’s got you right where He wants you? He might be moving you? He’s definitely growing you? He’s sovereign and divine and filled with love for you and knows exactly what’s going to happen, even while you don’t?

If you’re a Christian,  you’re His child, you know.

Have you ever gotten that sinking feeling? You know? The one deep down in the pit of your stomach that once realized, the tears start to come? Those tears? They are the ones that come from the depths..deep, deep down and simply then spill out through your eyeballs? It’s gut wrenching,  heart squeezing, yet somewhat freeing all at the same time. It’s that moment in which what you’ve been contending with transfers from just your mind, and thought life, to this place in your gut or heart where you know…you just know by the feeling that a decision is about to be provided to you from God.

At first, it feels like that moment (especially experienced as a little kid) when someone comes up behind you and scares  you – suddenly your stomach jumps. And if you were really, REALLY scared, it doesn’t immediately dissipate…something lodges deep down in your gut afterwards and stays there a while. You know that you are standing in reality now and the scary surprise wasn’t real….that thing you imagined for a second (while suspended between full on reality and what you think might have been lurking behind  you)…there’s some kind of weird gap in there for a few seconds. That’s the feeling in my stomach that I am calling this sinking feeling. The one that  happens after the “jump” or the “startle”, but the stomach has something lodged…like a rock….heavy in there. And it’s about to be removed, but it  hasn’t been  yet. I know it’s weird, and it’s definitely hard to describe, but  have you ever been there, friends?

The realization…the scary, saddening, while all at the same time thrilling, realization that He is about, yet again, do do something that is going to be really, REALLY hard for you to submit to, but that you know – you know because the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and heart – well, it’s telling you that you have made the decision that whatever that thing is…you are going to do it. You still don’t know what it is – that has yet to be revealed. But you know you’re about to be called by name. And it’s probably gonna hurt for a bit.

Plans get made….changes happen. We go with it. Even if we resist, we eventually go with it if we’re obedient. We acclimate, we try to settle in. (Lately I’ve been asking myself…why is that?) We find ways to manage with the Lord’s help through that change. We find ways to learn in our new season. New ways are encountered that we never knew existed to glorify the Lord. We sometimes leave all – everything behind to follow Him. And sometimes, we only leave a part of ourselves or our circumstances behind. And then we “get there” and think we’re done for a while. But sometimes we’re not, friends. Sometimes we’re not.

What is it about us that should ever make us think we’re done? Why do we  have to learn this lesson over and over and over again? I think of those in the Old Testament…those who moved and moved and moved every time God called them. Did they ever think they were settled once and for all? Did they ever think they would never  have to change again? I would have been a poor choice to be one of the twelve, I tell  ya! And that’s not right. It’s not right at all.

Sometimes the sinking feeling is there because we realized we were counting upon something that we thought He gave us to keep, at least for a while. But we may not get to keep it. Then we realize it wasn’t ours to keep anyway. We realize He wants us to remember that it is only HE that we get to keep permanently. It is only HE and our relationship with HIM that matters and is constant. He trumps all else and sometimes He asks us to prove it. We realize we were still placing too much ownership on that which wasn’t ever really ours. Hence, the sinking.

Oh God, my flesh is so strong. I want it to be easier to yield to You and what You want for me to do as I grow closer to you day by day. But sadly, it doesn’t get easier as time goes on…it seems to get  harder and harder. And God, I can do hard, because my hard is so minimal in the face of what You have done for me, for us. My hard is a cake walk. I’m just saddened that I find it hard at all. I want to be so strong in You that I can look up into your face one day and say I followed after you gladly – obediently – and that it wasn’t a hard choice to make. I grieve over my sinful nature – my loyalty to myself and my own flesh. I grieve over the knowledge that you have blessed me and saved me, yet I resist and I struggle, even when I am trying not to. I hate that I struggle because of what it means and says about my obedience and loyalty and love for you, not because of how much it hurts. No, I don’t like the discomfort, that’s true. But the true struggle for me lies in the fact that it’s a struggle at all.

It’s a blessing to be reminded of why (quite clearly) I need my Savior.

I cry – streams of tears running down my face as I realize over these past few days that my desires, good as they may be….in line with your Word as they may be…they are still MY desires. You may ask me to turn those over to You tomorrow. You may not. But I must be willing to yield, and today…I have that sinking feeling. It makes me sad. But only human sad. My spirit still is marked by your joy, your peace. It’s that good stuff that is behind all that seems sad, defeated, and the antithesis of “peaceful.” It’s the real stuff. My stomach is nothing but an indicator of how my flesh is responding to truth.

You know what kind of feeling is better than most? The feeling one has when they were sinking….down, down, down…and then they come back up to the surface. And the air is gulped in, relished, and brings about renewed life and energy and motivation and backbone and commitment, amongst a multitude of other things. The realization that you are truly alive and you can NEVER really die in Christ Jesus is amazing. How would  you ever  have this knowledge and true epiphany if you never almost drowned in the first place?

Thank you for the reminder, Lord. (P.S. Can I have some air soon, please?)

Know what else it does? It reminds you of how truly fleeting what we call “life” really is. If we place too much emphasis on the things of this life, (even the good and Godly things) and we start to sink, we can begin to believe we are going down with an anchor tied around our ankles….never to rise again.

But no matter what, with Christ Jesus in our hearts – if we have accepted His gift of relationship with Him and salvation and eternal life that comes through Him, we will never remain at the depths, never to rise again. We will rise again to live with Him in all eternity – we will be right by His side forever and ever, amen.

Oh God. Give me the strength to remember during this time of fleshly sinking that you have me in Your mighty grip and you will determine what to do with me, but no matter what that is, You will raise me up again. You will raise me up all the closer to my ultimate destination, which is in Your presence, and which is in the place that is never a sinking place.

Yes, one way or another, I shall rise again. And when I do, I will still be with You.

You are with me in my sinking, and you are with me in my rising. You are my One, true King. Oh thank you, Lord for reminding me that you have me right in the palm of Your hand. Give me the strength and the wisdom and the joy of knowing that I will never drown, never die, and never be fully lost because of YOU.

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39


What’s MOST Important to You?


Tonight I’m just going to share some of my thoughts, although I don’t have them in pretty little compartments for you just yet. But so often, the Lord leads me to share just this way when I am in this exact place. It’s that place where things don’t make sense to me, or maybe even to you, but maybe, just maybe, it’s a place where He can make sense out of the seemingly random stuff that flows out of our hearts.

What’s really most important to you? To me?

Is it our car, our house, or our financial security?
Is it our reputation, our grade card, or how many friends we have?
And, oh! Is it how very hard we work, or how much of an awesome servant we are in our jobs, our churches, our whatever?

Maybe it’s one of these or something else like it that’s really most important?

Understanding people better than anyone else can?
Is it seeking to make your point, because it’s right, of course, don’t ya know it?
Is it guiding and enlightening people to the truth and what is right and the err of their ways? Correction (lovingly done, of course) is important to the Lord, isn’t it?

Maybe one of those kinds of things signify what’s most important in your life?

I think my heart has been sick lately because I know what should be most important to me all of the time but I don’t live it and breathe it all of the time. My heart is not always all the way pure, you see (in fact, it almost never is). There are still plenty of dark places in there. And lately, I’ve been beyond aware of that fact. It gives me a scrunchy feeling inside that is definitely less-than comfortable. But I can thank Jesus for loving me enough to show me what I need to change….with HIS power and HIS help, of course.

I know what should be most important. I can even say I know what I want to have be most important and given that place or position in my life at all times. It’s Jesus, and giving Him all the honor, all the glory and all the praise, in and for and through everything that I do. It’s truly loving others more than myself and being willing to prove it. It’s presenting myself as a living sacrifice to Him on day to day and minute by minute basis and being the lowliest of all servants while being joyful and glad about it all at the same time. Whoa.

But too often, that’s not what I make most important. AND, too often, when I try, I try far too much through my own feeble power and fail to turn to Him for His divine and supernatural…everything!

Yes, too often, I think I’m “there”, in one area or another, because I think my intention and motivations are in the right place, only to find out later that, yah – no….I was still being selfish. It just got veiled under some cruddy mask of goodness.

Dig deeper, Annie – dig deeper.

I hate the word reputation and all that it stands for. Now that I know that character – TRUE godly character is what matters to Jesus, I think reputation is just…well, superficial. Yet I can’t say I don’t fall into the trap of wanting to care about it still…of worrying that if I don’t care about it that this thing or that thing might happen, and it won’t be pretty. Who said pretty was what we were supposed to sign up for anyway?

Jesus sacrificed it all on the cross for us, friends. And He walked as a living sacrifice every moment of every day when He lived amongst us….before He even reached that cross. The KING of EVERYTHING didn’t put “pretty” or “safe” up there on the top of the list of things to make most important.

Here’s what is most important, as displayed consistently by our Lord, Jesus Christ:

Loving the Lord your God, with all your mind, heart and soul. All the time.
Loving people and caring for them because they are loved by Jesus Himself!
Washing people’s dirty feet – gladly.
Healing people’s messy and ugly – mercifully and gracefully.
Throwing “reputation” out the window while still living the life you are called to by God.
Being more than willing to put it all on the line, regardless of what anyone may think.
Never forsaking prayer and fellowship with the Father. Not EVER.
Love over “works”
Works as an outpouring of love, or it’s just a pouring out of worthless junk.
Not forsaking truth for love and affection or love and affection for truth.
Being willing to lose it all.
Dying on a daily basis.

Yah….I can’t honestly say that I display what’s most important all of the time. I can’t honestly say that I feel it, or even want to do it sometimes. Honestly, what I can say is that dying just plain hurts. It squeezes and squishes and burns and stings and prods and pulls and grips and oozes. It’s not pretty. It’s definitely ugly. And did I say it hurts?

Thank God that He’s there to ease our pain. Thank God that He loves us so much that the price has already been paid for us so that we can truly live for all eternity with Him after all this “dying” business. Our kind of dying to self is minimal compared to what  He has already done so that we can live.

Thank God.

If you’re ever like me and you know in your squishy heart that you aren’t in the right place sometimes – that you’ve forgotten to remember what’s most important – that you’ve forgotten then to ask for HIS strength to live that out, just remember this verse…

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20

And then remind yourself of the fact that it is a privilege and an  honor that Christ lives in you. That it may really feel lame by all fleshly standards, but we are already more than conquerors because of Christ Jesus. We just have to allow Him full reign so His power can be made “perfect in our weakness.”

Got Jesus? Well then…you’ve got “important.” You’ve got it all.


Ooops – I did it again!

Fear is a Liar copy[1]

I don’t know what you call this: this thing that I find myself going through a lot. But I do wonder how many of the rest of you out there do the very same thing?

The longer I press in and grow closer in my relationship to Jesus, the more I seem to think that I know about surrender, risk and ultimately, faith. At the very least (in all fairness to myself), I typically think that once I’ve applied and learned a good lesson from the Lord once in my little old life, that I won’t have to learn it and intentionally work at reapplying it all over again.

Nope. Not happening that way.

It is true, we do learn more and understand Jesus all the better the longer we walk with Him. Our pastor was just sharing about that the other night. Yet I find that just when I think I have learned a certain principle or teaching or lesson from the scripture, I’m in a new situation in which it is as though I am having to apply it all over again, just as though I forgot it or something! Like I didn’t learn anything at all from past experience or something.

Let me try to elaborate to be more clear: Right now, this picture will sum up for you the particular lesson that I thought that I should have learned, and learned quite well by now. I should be an EXPERT at this dudes!


Nope, and nope all over again.

Ug! What is my problem in regard to this anyway? Why do I have to learn this over and over and over again – ad nauseam? Do I not have faith enough to remember how much He has delivered me from in the past when I had no idea what I was doing? Is my flesh that stubborn that I will continue on forever, diminishing what God is capable (and more) of doing in me and through me if I only step out in faith and just trust Him already? Am I really going to continue to hold back from things He is calling me to do out of fear, trepidation, doubt?

Fear is a liar – a perpetual and impulsive one. And oh yes, a malicious one.

And then, I think about our dear disciples – the dear friends of Jesus that He chose to walk alongside Him. He didn’t choose the smartest ones, and He didn’t choose the ones who were “ready” and “prepared” for everything they were about to embark upon if they walked with Him and followed after Him and love Him with all their “heart, mind, soul and strength.” Luke 10:27 No.He simply called them.

And they simply followed.


Man alive, I am one to be daunted by things if I don’t feel “prepared” or “adequate” or “up to the task.” Fact is, any time I have ever waited to step out until I feel safe about it, or relatively ready for it, I simply find out later that I wasn’t all the way ready like I thought anyway. Sheesh.

Yes, we are going to feel daunted in those times that we undertake something that we are being called to by Jesus, especially when we are facing what seem to be insurmountable obstacles or things that don’t make sense. We are going to feel daunted if we try to make every step we take be laced with rose petals, carefully mapped out, and only venturing along what we little humans perceive to be the “safe” path.

The truth of the matter is that it is HE who will make our paths straight. It’s not to be found in the kind of shoes we choose to wear, the compass that we think we can rely upon in our back pocket, the people we are following, or the maps that we are reading. Only HE adequately equips us.

And He does so in His own timing.


We tend to measure outcomes, especially what seem to be successful ones, by some strange litmus test that makes sense to us. Does anyone out there know what I am saying here? We tend to think if a person is chosen for this or that, or gets the opportunity to do something they never thought possible, they are either just lucky or they have what it takes.

I “have what it takes” to do lots of things that I am NOT being called by Jesus to do in life right now, my friends. How do I know what I am NOT being called to? Well, lately, it’s the things that seem to make a whole lot of sense – those things that I can feel in my bones I’d be great and successful at right off the bat – that I know from that still small voice I am not suppsed to do.

It’s just the season I’m in right now. It’s the thing(s) that He’s trying to teach me through that uncomfortable place right now. That’s what He’s been calling me to do and where He’s been calling me to be.

lbb grace is sufficient wm[1]

Yes, it seems He is calling me more and more to step out and do things that don’t make sense initially by man’s standards and measurements, but certainly do make total sense in relation to Christ, His purpose for me and others in my life, and in bringing glory to Him through my inadequacy.

If you are like me, there are really only two questions to ask yourself if you have prayed about a decision and God is leading you to step out in faith to do something you don’t feel fully equipped to do:

Are you willing?


Do you trust in HIM?


First World Problems Suck Rocks Too!


First, let’s get this out of the way: Yes, I said “Suck.”

K…moving on.

So often, I feel like a petty little jerk because of how the little, yet tedious and pervasive problems that I experience here in my protective, bubble-like, and luxurious world get to me over time. They start to drag me down, yo. They start to make me sad, irritable, anxious, doubtful, and even angry. And then I sit back and wonder why I am so crazy and selfish, because I am constantly reminded of just how good I have it.

But that’s my reality, “getting” to live in a place where our problems aren’t always BIG. Make no mistake about it, I have had my share of the bigger problems in life and the Lord showed up in His grace and got me through it. But these minor things that infest our world at times like weeds, threatening to destroy, they can wear a person down.

The enemy likes to condemn me for feeling irritated about my little first world problems. He likes to condemn other believers I know around me who are experiencing the same thing. But that’s also a lie. Why do his old tricks continue to work on us? Well, that is going to have to be another story, because this isn’t about that stupid enemy today.

Here’s the truth that the Holy Spirit is whispering in my ear for where I am at right now with all of this. The truth is yes, keep it in perspective, sister. The truth is that yes, you have it very, very good where you live, breath, and are in this life. The truth is yes, it’s not all about you. But the truth is also that yes, God still cares and He wants to  hear about it. God wants to know about the thorns in your side.

He cares about the big and the small, friends. The enemy would have you think otherwise, but again, that’s a LIE.

So, today I am starting off by venting out some of the crud that’s been bugging me, even though I know there are far worse things to contend with in this world. I am vomiting out all of the junk that is trying to weigh me down and take my perspective and make me have a pity party and cause me to give more credence to these petty nuisances than they deserve. I am purging this crap out so the Lord can deal with it. (Yes, I just said “crap.”)

But most of all, I hope it helps you to relate, to understand, that we all go through these things – some big stuff mingled in with a bunch of small stuff – and it’s all stuff that sucks rocks! And the Lord wants us to bring this junk to Him and ask Him to take it and carry us through. He doesn’t want us to “suck it up” and stuff it down because we deem it petty and unimportant. Who do I think I am that I should deem anything to be too small and insignifican for the Lord to place His attention upon in my life? Just who do I think I am!

May you be encouraged at the very least, that if you ever feel this way, you are NOT alone. As one reader told me once (and it SOOOO made me smile)…..

“Anne, you make the rest of us feel and know that we aren’t the only crazy ones!”

As I smile while I type these words, my reply is very honestly and happily…”I am glad I can do that for some of you.” Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!

Give me a break, now the computer is broken?
What’s up, Lord, your word I need to open!

Death of a friend, crying, pain and grief,
Not a petty one there, this life is so brief.

Phone calls, text messages, “I am sick again”
Leaving work, as I should, to help my kids to mend.

Bills to pay, house to clean, it just keeps a’coming,
I don’t have time for this, and I’m starting to be bumming.

Teacher emails, “get a grip, your kid was rude today”
Talks, harangues, replies, discussion, don’t know what to say.

Traffic jams, cramping legs, and the scale just needles higher,
Just get through this day in one piece, is to what I must aspire.

My little world, trying to take over, so much more out there
Typhoons and hurricanes, death, pain, sin and greed laid bare…

Jesus, He’s present, always for me, I don’t have to ask him “where?”
No matter where we all might be, He’ll always be right there.

Yes, even though some of this stuff sucks rocks, I am turning it over the THE ROCK today, because this verse tells me to do so. And I shall rejoice.

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4: 4-7


Grief, oh Grueling Grief.


Grief: Bone cracking, heart wrenching, mind bending grief.

Grief: Life sucking, joy sapping, body shaking grief.

Felt down to the tips of your toes while simultaneously going in and out of a state of numbness. One moment here, the next – not sure where you are. One foot in? Or one foot out?

Nerve endings in places you never knew you had. Emotions that mere words, drawings, music, or other forms of human expression simply cannot describe.

Grief: Feeling the core of your soul being wrenched and prodded – kneaded like a big blog of dough.

Grief: No adequate words to offer, no adequate words to be able to fully receive.

A time in which prayer morphs into what it may have always been intended to be like for us all along: God simply reading our hearts.

A time where fuzzy is the new normal for a while and we finally accept that we simply cannot understand it all.

A time in which truly it is clear that only God can hold us together – thinly stiched as it may feel right now; like threads threatening to snap and fray that last little bit, threatening to send us into some kind of abyss.

Grief: Down to the last – the very last microscopic piece of who we think we are – what we thought we were made of and, finally, that moment of being fully surrendered and fully aware of just how much we need to be carried in the arms of the One true and living God. Carried – All. The. Time. 24/7.

Grief: Jesus knows it well. He knows grief.

Jesus knows suffering.

Jesus knows separation from the One that He loved most.

Jesus knows pain, unimaginable loss, betrayal, shock, overwhelming sadness, pain and trial.

Jesus knows it all and more. And HE offers the peace that surpasses all understanding through it all.

That Beautiful Savior of ours – our Jesus? He pieces us back together, heals us.  In our brokenness He manifests the light that when we are “whole” we fail so often to even bother to see.

Darkness makes it easier to see the one small light in the distance. IF we keep our eyes wide open.

And then? He makes us stronger than we ever were before. Because He fills us with Himself. More of Him – and less of us.

Oh grief!

And I DO believe: He weaves new pieces of Himself in as He puts us back together. We end up with more of HIS strength, HIS wisdom, HIS peace and HIS joy that trumps all emotions or experiences or circumstances than we ever thought possible before.

Sometimes grief opens the door we thought we swung wide open a long time ago even more. Even one more millimeter of openness to Jesus and remaining fully surrendered to Him and in His loving arms? That’s going to make a difference in our lives! Even when it comes as a result of the work He does in us during our grief. I guess that’s what it means when He tells us that “his strength is made perfect in our weakness.” Wow.

Grief: God’s opportunity to make us stronger through our pain.

Grief: Surrender and bravery seen through our tears. By HIM.

Tears provide cleansing. Tears provide purification. Tears provide reflection. If they are shed in His presence, they do.

Grief, oh grueling grief.

The only thing to do in such times is fix those eyes of ours upon Jesus and know that one day – we will get to see Him in His full glory. That day when there will be no more tears. That day when grief will no longer exist. That day we  have the privilege, even during such heart wrenching times, to look forward to with the most blessed hope we could ever cling to.

Glorious Jesus! Comfort those in their grief and time of loss today with the comfort that only YOU can provide!

“The Lord is near to those who are broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18