Even in the Sand


Can I swing high enough?
Will it get me that much closer?
I want to touch your face, oh Lord,
Want to see you all the better.

Can I make it higher this time?
Or do I need to come on down?
Landing on the sand beneath me,
Maybe there, I’ll hear that sound.

Wind and breezes licking at me
Washing away all of my fears
Pumping legs, so light and airy
Drying up the pent up tears.

Swinging high, back and forth
It’s fun for while it lasts.
But landing sometimes isn’t easy
‘Cause swinging’s such a blast!

Oh Father, can I swing high enough?
What happens when the ride is done?
Walking, working, doing, moving,
I just seek the face of Your Son.

And when I reach that sand beneath
I know one thing’s for sure
If it hurts and I will just cry out
You’ll carry me, and then I’ll soar.


Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually. 1 Chronicles 16:11


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