A Temporary Techie

Photo Credit 123RF.com

Photo Credit 123RF.com

God performed yet another miracle today: Annie hooked up (moved) her computer by herself!!!!

I am amazed right now. To truly appreciate this, you really would have to know me…but if you’ve been following this blog, you probably can surmise enough by now to know that I STINK at technical stuff.

Yes, I’m the woman who runs and hides on Christmas morning. If it’s time to follow step-by-step instruction manuals, I’m outta there. It’s really for everyone’s good, not just my own. I can be utterly dangerous.

Mostly I am a danger to others due to the fact that if I even try to get it into my head that I can put something together, then my expectations change, and I end up STILL not being able to do it.

Houston: We have impending Annie meltdown coming. Better take cover.

By now (46 years old), I have realized this is a weakness, to say the least. It always has been a weakness, and chances are, it will always be so. I no longer have the hope that I will ever be technically savvy, and feel blessed to just sit where I am and rely upon others who are strong in this area to help me out a bit. Besides, I need to work on surrender, as we all know, and this helps me out with that little endeavor!

It’s okay. I have other gifts. And I’m not afraid to use ’em.

One of the blessings God has bestowed upon me is that I am pretty aware of my many, many weaknesses. In the face of that, He also gave me the ability to see the gifts and strengths of others pretty quickly after getting to know them. This serves many wonderful purposes in life, particularly allowing me to edify others in ways that are truly valued by them.

But it also helps Annie. Yay! Double Awesome-ness!

Yes, I surround myself with tech-savvy people – they seem to just come my way – and for that, I am ever-so-grateful. I need them B.A.D.L.Y.

But today, I had to move our entire desktop computer upstairs and no one was around to help me. Normally, I would wait until husband came home, but I prayed, and the Lord delivered. Because another strength of mine (or is it a weakness?) is I am a “let’s get this done kinda gal!” (i.e. Impatient)

The worst part of it all was untangling the STUPID CORDS!!! Then the next bad part was remembering where everything went.

Are you kidding right now? Am I even going to attempt this?

I tell you now – God intervened, friends.

When I got it all done – (with the cords now tied in nice and organized knots so they don’t get tangled, by the way), I ventured into the abyss ~ that moment of expectation was looming right in front of me. Yes, we had a very real likelihood that I might meltdown if things didn’t turn on and work properly when I flipped the switch.

I tried to tell myself I would be okay with it if things didn’t work out – I said a little prayer. But I knew better – I knew that I now had the hope and expectation that this time – yes, this time, it would actually work out.

Guess what? It DID work!

I did it, friends! I actually moved and re-hooked up the whole computer and all it’s gadgets (except for the speakers – too, too many cords, yo) and it WORKED.

I am typing on it right now – of course, you already know that – ha ha.

However, there was one minor little glitch. After all of the painstaking effort to move everything up, chart where stuff needed to be plugged back in, untangle and organize my cords, clean stuff and then muster up the courage to turn it on – after ALL  of that – I had that momentary “thank you, God” second of joy and bliss that He enabled me to do such a thing, and then my mouse wouldn’t work.


It took me 15 minutes to figure out why. My wireless mouse was upside down. And the cursor was just in all the wrong places.

God performs all kinds of miracles every day, dear friends, not the least of which is to give someone like me a moment to be able to temporarily (this I KNOW) overcome a serious deficiency!  And, He threw the mouse thing in there for me just to remind me that not only does He also have a sense of humor, but that I should continue to remember that He is in charge, and only He will choose as to when I might be able to overcome a particular weakness or area in which I am not gifted.

I don’t spend a lot of effort trying to trick myself into thinking I’m gifted in areas I clearly am not. But today, God made me a temporary techie, and it was lots of fun, satisfying, and a wonderful reminder that God can do anything He wants!

First world problems are just that. But God likes to use things that may seem trival or petty to us (not just the big stuff), to remind us of His greatness.

His grace is enough.

Won’t you look for Him today in the mundane? Won’t you keep your eyes wide open and expectantly look for His grace to appear?

And on that note, I shall leave you with this: I just tried to adjust my computer chair and scratched up my big toe! Ha ha!

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:2



4 thoughts on “A Temporary Techie

  1. Oh, I know about this! I just had my own mini-miracle. I just threaded my serger! I’d threaded it before but it just wasn’t sewing right, so this evening I took the threads out and redid it and discovered the problem: one thread out of its “order.” Now it sews. I’m sew thankful!
    Congratulations, Annie. Next thing we’ll hear you’re uploading manuscripts to Kindle and self-publishing your own e-books. 🙂

  2. thanks for the needed laugh today!!! 🙂
    As someone whose basically “techno” challenged, I’m so grateful God’s blessed me with a husband who is pretty techno-savvy and with some sweet younger teaching partners who excel in technology!

    keep up the positive spirit Annie!

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