Excited Much? Joy Series Part 3

I don’t think we get excited often any more. Not the best way, at least. You know? The way it was when we were little kids.

I believe that Jesus wants for us to show that type of enthusiasm in our lives at times. Especially if we are in a season that is not marked by the lowest of the low point(s) in our lives.

Because others are in one of those seasons, friends.

Yes, we need to remember “to everything there is a season,” and one of those is marked by enthusiasm, zest for life in Jesus Christ, and child-like joy and excitement.

Although this picture below shows someone screaming in excitement for someone other than Jesus, if you are a follower after Christ and love Him with all your “heart, mind, and soul” and are in a situation today where you can scream it (one way or another) and shout it out to the world, do it!

It’s just another way that Christ and His spirit shines through us as a living testimony.

By the way…..a word of caution: The world will try to take this from you. The enemy HATES this kind of excitement and joy in life, because it’s contagious.

So arm yourself. Heavily.

Even if it has to be in an elf suit that’s laced with the “armor of God.”


“Therefore, do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord……” 1 Timothy 1:8


1 thought on “Excited Much? Joy Series Part 3

  1. You’re so right! Satan will try and steal our joy in the most subtle ways. I heard a series of sermons a few years ago on 1 Thesalonians from Chuck Swindoll. Must see if I can find them again, they were called “Contagious Christianity”

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