Child-like Faith.

I have prayed much over the last year for God to renew this child-like faith and spirit in me! Excellent post from a fellow blogger!

Savvy Soup

Child-like Faith.

What does it mean to have child-like faith? This week I volunteered as a Crew Leader at a “Kingdom Rock” themed VBS at a local church here in Jacksonville. A friend from school said they needed help so a group of us helped out for the week. In my crew, we took care of kids of ages five to nine. We had the boy who was too cool for school, the girl in her own little world…all the time, the best-of-friend-non-stop talkers, the perfect little gentleman, the fabulous boy who knew all the dance moves, and the future heartbreaker. Each of these little ones were so special and unique in the eyes of God and to me. To hear their sweet, innocent voices singing to and about their king is the most breathtaking & beautiful experience. They do not need justification to praise Christ; they simply love him because He…

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