Yep! That’s my Husband!



So….I think a while ago in another blog post, I may have mentioned that my husband is what you would call a “good ol’ boy.”

He is down to earth, works with water, talks with a twang, and old people – especially old men who like to tell stories, flock to him!

He doesn’t mess around.

As mellow and laid back as he appears to be, he is really quite hilarious. I have mentioned this before too.

When I first started reading up on what to expect when peri-menopause would turn into full-blown menopause, I shared it all with husband. I told him that what I was reserarching said that I would be starving for estrogen, and that the male hormones would be attempting to take over my mind and my body.

Then the brain fog emerged – husband’s response?

“Oh…ha ha….so you’re basically becoming dumb like a man?”

I was beside myself with laughter and still laugh about it to this day.

So last night at church, we were discussing menopause with another couple, and also talking a bit about “man-o-pause” which seems to be a very real thing too – men becoming more “sensitive” as their testosterone wanes in their middle and older age.

I shared with the lady friend in the group that the brain fog is to the point that now I am going to have to look into some other options as to how to deal with it….in jest, she turned to my husband who was joking around and said…”so what’s your excuse?” (He was being a dork and joking around and we were of course making fun of him).

I said maybe he was in man-o-pause.

His answer?

“No….I’m just on pause.”

Buah Ha Ha Ha!!!!

May you be blessed as you begin yet another week – whether menopausal, man-opausal, or just plain “on pause.”

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22



7 thoughts on “Yep! That’s my Husband!

  1. OH, I totally get where you’re at. My husband turned 51 this year and he’s always been Mr. tough guy, but in the last two years he’s gotten all soft. The first I saw of it was while watching “Fireproof” and he cried. I smiled.
    As for help with the mind fog, I’ve had several things suggested to me and vitamins help. Also lots of prayer πŸ™‚ Let’s help support one another during this interesting time in our lives. Thanks for the post, it made me smile…

  2. So basically we become men and our husbands become women!? Lol Ahhh your husband is one funny guy. You two are such a great couple. Love ya both.

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