Seek to be Meek


“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

What is it that Jesus is asking of us when He admonishes us to display meekness? As I ponder this and pray over it, I am amazed yet again at how mankind has twisted the meaning of “meek” to the point of being utterly upside down.

When we think of meekness, we tend to think of one who has no backbone, displays total loss of control, and is just helpless or without conviction. Nothing could be further from the truth of what Jesus means when He talks about this – in fact, it is something He considers awesome enough that those who live it out receive an extra blessing.

Jesus Christ models everything that He asks of us in the most perfect way possible and meekness is included in that. Our Savior is no wimp by any stretch of the imagination! Quite the contrary – He’s the Savior of the World – and then some.

Meekness is obedience.

Meekness is strength and power cloaked in self-control.

To be meek is to be kind, gentle, yet slow to anger or wrath.

Meek stands firm upon the truth, yet bends to meet people where they are at and love them anyway.

Those who are meek like Jesus – they don’t have to sacrifice their convictions at all – only their human sense of “pride” or entitlement.

Maybe that’s because they have nothing “wordly” to lose anyway once they decide that it is Christ alone who is to be followed after….not some counterfeit good guy.

We are to turn away from evil, and even go a step further and answer it with a soft disposition.

We are to know exactly where we stand – firm upon the foundation of truth that IS Jesus Christ, not lording over all others we encounter in our world.

Here’s the kicker: To truly live out meekness we are not to allow ourselves to be easily offended. (Did she just say that?)

To be meek, we must be humble.

There are times to stick up for what is right, but even if we are slighted, we are to answer that “offense” with the love and compassion of Jesus. Christ says, that in doing so, we are abiding in Him, and we shall inherit the earth.

But the burning question that resonates throughout our minds and hearts is always still there… it possible to stand strong in our convictions, yet be “meek” in our disposition all at the same time?

And this leads to yet another question: If we can say “yes” to that, then just HOW is it that we pull this off?

We look again to Jesus Christ. We fix our eyes upon Him – burned right into Him. He is the focal point.

And we remember not to blink.

Did Jesus Christ seem like an absolute doormate as He walked this earth? Do His teachings show that He never stood up for what was right? Does every single mention of Jesus Christ in scripture portray with full and divine clarity that He was and is able to be firm, yet gentle….loving, yet truthful…..approachable, yet committed to His relationship with His Father above all else?


No again.

And Yes, Yes, Yes!

Yes, Jesus drew lines in the sand, and sometimes even felt the need to speak words that were very firm and eventually, many turned against Him. But He always did so in love and with compassion. He always did so with complete power under control.

Jesus IS grace under pressure. Jesus IS meekness.

And, yah…..He certainly DID allow others to be “offensive” towards Him. He provided this freedom to others and even sacrificed Himself for it….for all of us.

That is meek – but there’s no way that is weak.

Let’s seek to be meek, just like our Savior, Jesus Christ. Let’s stand for truth and do so lovingly as well. And then let us give all the glory and honor to Him as we live this out.

It’s hard to bite our tongue. It’s hard to take the slaps and punches. It’s hard to do so without retorting right back.

It’s hard to be meek. He never said it would be easy.

I’ll take hard with the blessings and the promise of eternal life with Christ forever over empty easy any day though. I just need His help to do it.

I think He will deliver – don’t you?

Seek to be meek like Jesus – ask Him to fill you up with Himself today – then bask in His promises – because He shall reign forever and ever.

I want to be right by His side for that!



10 thoughts on “Seek to be Meek

  1. amen…! very good words…! When we are humble enough to surrender all to Jesus….while the world will see us as weak and easy to discount us….Jesus will see us as strong and as long as we are obedient to him..he will keep us strong! God bless!

    • Dear sweet lady – thank YOU. I have been overwhelmed with my training on the job lately and so sorry I haven’t answered comments. Thank you for always being such an encourager, for your beautiful posts (which come to my email) and your heart! I am always in prayer for you!

      • Thanks, Annie. Completely understand. From what I have been reading of your posts, sounds like you have had quite a lot on your ‘platter’! Blessings.

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