Because You are a Beautiful Guy…..


For the rest of this week, I am looking at peace, patience and kindness in addition to love and joy.

It shouldn’t be hard to find the opportunities for these as I am someone who struggles particularly with patience, which then leads to some unrest at times, and once in a while, impacts how active I am in showing kindness.

Today in my training class we were shown a beautiful video in which a Compassion advocate displayed all of these to a child as well as the mother of this child in Bolivia.

Jesus was seen through these fruits – and clearly, seeds were planted.

If you have the chance watch this video and see the fruit of the Spirit at work – you’ll be glad you did.



3 thoughts on “Because You are a Beautiful Guy…..

  1. Speechless. So sad to see little ones with no hope or future. Thank you to Compassion Intl for all they are doing to give hope, and a future to these little ones, thru the truth of Jesus Christ. Thanks Annie for sharing this.

  2. praise God for touching these children and this family…and for the amazing things that Compassion Intl. is able to do. my prayers are with them. Thank you for sharing this video!

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