Hangin’ Out


Hi Friends…

This weekend – (are you ready for it?) – I am going to……….Take a break from blogging! Actually, that’s not fully true – I am going to take a break from the output and focus on input this weekend. I am just going to be hangin’ out, yo.

Here are my fun plans:

** Spend more time in the word (rather than the hurried 20 minutes each night I have been doing for the past two weeks).
** Hang out and maybe watch a movie with my family (are you kidding me right now? I haven’t done that in a looonnngg time).
** Read YOUR blogs.
** Return comments from you dear souls who have been communicating love to me this week while I have been “incomunicado” as I adjust to this new schedule.
*  Think about love, joy, peace, patience and kindness – and show some!
*  Exercise (but I am going to talk my husband into taking tonight off – whoo hoo!)
*  Go to church and not worry about hurrying home.
*  Clean my house till it sparkles!
*  Maybe go shopping and buy these new rad slippers I saw at a store.
*  Other stuff that I wanna do (tee hee).

I am loving this life friends. I love being “normal” – going to work in the morning, getting off of work in the evening, and having weekends off to spend with my little family.

I love seeing the sun – feeling like I am amongst the living – chillin’ with my peeps.

God is so good.

This brings me peace. This brings me joy.

Did you find peace, love, joy this week? Did you have the chance to show patience or kindness when it was easy and when it was well….NOT?

Maybe while you are hangin’ out this weekend, you will find even greater blessings in the small things in your own life as well – it is my prayer for you that you do.

Here’s to hangin’ out and loving the little stuff in life!

Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of  joy! Psalms 47:1


8 thoughts on “Hangin’ Out

  1. God is good….indeed! Thank you so much for sharing your joy! Don’t let anything in this world take it away from you! God bless!

  2. LOVE the sound of your plans for the weekend! Enjoy your time together with your family…”May God’s grace shine brightly upon you, in the light of His eternal love : )

  3. Yes, I was able to show peace and patience under stressful circumstances. Was it easy? NO! But as I continued to pray, the LORD provided just what I needed when I needed it!

    • It was so good – at the same time, I hear Him calling me to continue with the input. Hence, the smaller or not always daily blog posts right now in my life. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I plan to blog about the input stuff soon!

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