Being Sick in My Luxurious Little World

This may not apply to all people and situations, but for me today, it certainly does.

I woke up and found that I had finally succumbed to this sinus “sickness” that several of my family members have been battling for the past couple of weeks. It starts out with an extremely sore throat, and ends up sapping all energy out of your body. If I hold true to what my husband and daughter have been experiencing, I am in for a yucky next week to ten days.

Guess what? It’s just purrrrrrfect timing too! I start my new job tomorrow – and although I am still very grateful and extremely excited about it, I don’t relish the thought of being in a learning curve while my head and throat are on fire and distracting me.


Anyway, just for the record (in case you didn’t notice yet) I am a BIG WHINING BABY when I am sick, friends. I mean, I don’t deal with it well at all. I get cranky, I get lazy, I get discouraged, and I certainly fail to reach out to others in love very much.

So today, I will write my blog post as “therapy” for the attitude adjustment that I need in relation to all of this.

See, I am aware of how blessed I am – living here – in a country where even without having insurance at the time, we still have the ability in most cases to take care of ourselves far better than we could if we lived in different circumstances.

Yes, I know it. But I don’t feel it. And I haven’t yet bridged the gap there in relation to feeling sick and yucky today yet knowing I am blessed and should act accordingly – healthy or not. Attitude adjustment time for Annie? Um….yah.

So hopefully, my blogging today will serve as a way to get my little self on the right track in relation to how I am going to act whilst being “sick,” down and out, or whatever this junk is.

Know what else? I think sometimes we act this way in relation to our sin. Sometimes we get cranky when we aren’t in line with God’s will for us in our lives and especially when we realize we have been choosing to be disobedient.

He has already offered to forgive us for everything – we should be rejoicing! But when we screw up (again – sheesh) we momentarily “forget” that we need only to come to Him…be with Him and turn to Him for help in walking the path He has for us and for the salve and healing that only He can provide.

He can heal us – from all physical ailments as well as spiritual or emotional challenges (yes, even our new sins we perpetrate – which we do) and make us healthier than ever. But we must remember to look to Him. We can’t spend time being cranky and focusing on the ailment versus the cure. Sometimes this means rest and other times it means working our way through it. But every time it entails surrender, prayer, and faith.

It’s hard…..and being physically sick today reminds me of that hard. It seems much easier at the time we are down and out to just focus on the negative and grit our teeth and ride it out alone until it’s over. But in a way, our “sickness”…..our imperfections….our times we are going to fail or be less than perfect in our human bodies or natures, attitudes or actions, behaviors, thoughts, feelings…well, until we go home to live with Him forever, they aren’t ever going to be “all the way over.”

Thankfully, what He did for us on the cross – our Lord Jesus Christ – Savior and mighty King – allows us to walk tall regardless of our current bill of health – knowing we are seen as perfect in the Father’s eyes if we have accepted Him as our own Lord and Savior.

Because of HIM, we have this luxury and this gift. Because of Him, in spite of our continuing human imperfections and inadequacies, we are children of God! And because of Him, our eternal health is completely ensured regardless of what ails us right now.

So, here’s how  I need to look at this…this physical sickness and my spiritual sickness today (grumbling, complaining, and thinking mean thoughts). CLEARLY, I sometimes need to get my stuffy head out of the sand and look up to Him. In fact, I need to do that pretty much all the time!










Sick Young Woman Lying in Bed


Unmade Bed




Cough syrup

Permeating Illness….


HIS sacrifice for MY “sickness”…..


Forever Forgiven…..


Forever His Child….


Imperfect, Inadequate, Lost…


Held, Loved, and Healed….


O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me. Psalm 30:2


4 thoughts on “Being Sick in My Luxurious Little World

  1. Oh, poor Annie 😦 Will be praying for you as you start your new job that it won’t be too stressful for you in your current condition. I love that last picture with the little lamb 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful to know that we only have to come to Him and ask and our sin is gone – wiped out – forgotten. He is such an awesome Saviour. When we’re sick and feel as though we’re dying, we should remember, we’re not looking for the undertaker, but the Uppertaker. God bless you Annie xx

  2. Annie, I just love your posts! I can really relate to everything you write! Dear LORD, you are Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals us from our sicknesses and diseases. Please place your healing hand upon my sister and heal her. LORD she is your child and she needs a special touch from you today. Touch her, heal her and allow her first day on the job, to be one in which she will shine for You. May Your hand of grace and mercy be upon her. In the Holy, powerful and wonderful Name of Jesus, AMEN!

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