Tuff Enuf

Have a problem you think is bigger than you can handle? How about something you think is even too big for God to take care of for you?

If you think differently, but find yourself enduring something right now where you are:

Filled with Doubt
Wondering if it’s too far gone
Am I too late?
Too early?
Am I not worthy?
Am I impeding God’s work?
What do I need to do first before ____?
I’m too far gone – I am beyond help

Take a step back. Really look at it full-on square in the face.

Look to Jesus and look to the truth. Look past these deceptive lies and look to the truth.

When we do these things, say these things to ourselves, or allow the enemy to get into our minds and hearts – especially when we have been sinning, we need to embrace the truth head on – and that is the fact that Jesus Christ came to save us – all of us – even while we were/are still sinners!

There comes a point where we have to put these lies and worries down at the feet of Jesus (and yes, sometimes that happens before we have been able to get completely out from under our particular sins and imperfections) and then He can really get  to work on us.

Get this: Next, we need to NOT. PICK. IT. BACK. UP.

Did you hear that?

Say it out loud at least once – right here, right now.

Lay the lies down. Do not pick them back up. Let Jesus then work on our sin and imperfections and grow us from there.

What Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, and through His resurrection SAVES us.

If we “wait” until we think we are sinless, spotless, perfect, before we accept Him as our Savior and Lord, well – why need a Savior at all?

Doing a complete turn from our sin and looking to Jesus instead does not mean we have overcome all sin in our lives. It simply means we are ready to turn it all over to Him and work with HIM and with HIS power to grow the way He wants us to and walk in His will as we follow after Him. Naturally, He will begin to work in us and help us to conquer the existing sin we contend with day to day from there.

It is never too late. Never, ever, EVER!

He is bigger than that.

He is tougher than that.

Yes, dear friends, He is tougher than nails.

He is also tougher than anything else you can go through, experience, be “deceived” by, suffer, be confused about, screw up, the list is infinite.


Lay it down and don’t pick it back up.

“Taking up our cross” can hold a lot of meaning for us too and can be applied to many situations to strengthen us and help us follow after Jesus with zeal and sincerity. But for me, the greatest act of “taking up my cross” and following after Jesus Christ, is….well, in a way….it’s putting it all down. Daily.

Sometimes letting go seems like the heaviest burden to bear (or not bear?). But the fact is, that surrender is hard. When one gets used to carrying all that weight around, it feels strange to put it down at the feet of Jesus.  But we acclimate beautifully if we just allow Him to change us in this way.

He is tougher. And He will fill us more and more with Himself (and that tough stuff, amongst a multitude of other amazing and awesome things) to help us carry out whatever He has for us in this life.

But first, we have to lay it down.

And when we find ourselves trying to be “all tough” on our own and pick it back up again, and again, and again? (Which we will)…..

Remember just who the tough One really is.

Remember that He’s got you covered.

He did enough to prove that. All we have to do is remember, remain, and rejoice.

“No one is like you Lord. You are great, and Your name is mighty in power.” Jeremiah 10:6



7 thoughts on “Tuff Enuf

  1. Thank you, this is just what I needed to hear today……It has been a struggle to let it all go and not do all things myself in my own strength. Just when I think I have let it go to Jesus….well there I go picking it up again…..Thank you again for this powerful reminder. Bless you and yours.


  2. Thank you! This is such an important message, we in our humanness deceive ourselves thinking we can “help” out the LORD. NOT! Those days are the ones I am a mess! Love this post!

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    • So glad this ministered to you – God can do great things even through our blog posts, no? Thank you dear friend. And I am praying for you…..it’s a daily surrender, isn’t it?

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