How Cool it THAT?

in-me-you-live-and-move[1]Have you ever really stopped to think about the fact that if you have accepted Christ Jesus as your Savior, you immediately received the Holy Spirit and God now lives within you?

I am thinking about that this morning and stand in awe.

Over these few days that I have been feeling under the weather, I have been amazed at this fact – it has encouraged and inspired me that no matter what is going on, God lives within me. Always.

We preach about this all the time….
Books are written about this subject every day
Entire songs and hymns have been centered around this

But I must admit, that although I “know” it, I don’t often enough celebrate it.

If you are like me and under the weather, or physically challenged in an even greater way than that today, remember this awesome truth. He is not only in our midst, as we discussed yesterday, but He actually takes us residence inside of you. He “lives” there….He “moves” there….and He “has His being” there.

That’s truly awesome, and something worth pondering and then celebrating today.



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