Pentagon Defends Unconstitutional Policy Against Soldiers Sharing Faith.

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Rivers of Hope

Chuck Hagel, Barack Obama
Secretary of DefenseChuck Hagel listens as President Barack Obama speaks at the White House.

Pentagon personnel responded to Breitbart News’report about court-martialing service members who share their faith in the military, which the Pentagon confirmed on Wednesday and the Air Force on Thursday separately confirmed a second time.

Now the Pentagon claims the opposite. But these new statements instead only compound the problem, as the Pentagon’s new definitions for terms squarely contradict what the dictionary says those terms mean. All this has taken place as the first flag officer in the military has stepped forward to defy the unconstitutional policy.

In an official statement Thursday, Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, a spokesman for the Pentagon’s Defense Press Office, responded to Breitbart News’ reports by saying, “Service members can share their faith (evangelize) but must not force unwanted, intrusive attempts to convert others of any faith to…

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