Let’s focus on the gifts that we HAVE been given!


So, after much prayer, consideration, and exhibition of major vulnerability today, I decided that I needed to tap into the gifts that the Lord HAS provided me with in order to allow Him room to help me to overcome some of these technical obstacles I mentioned yesterday.

What is one of those gifts and how am I going to use it? Studying.

Jesus has helped me pretty much throughout my entire life to be a good student. It’s not due to intelligence at all. But He has given me motivation and helped me form good study habits, and that counts for something.

Although I am not as good at studying as I used to be, I can still do it pretty well. It takes me longer now, I don’t absorb the massive amounts of information as quickly as I used to, but I suppose that is part of what happens when we grow old. Oh well.

But the basics – the heart, desire, and commitment to study when I know that I need to in order to master something that’s difficult for me? That’s still there. Thanks be to God.

You know…I was thinking….

Maybe, if I remain challenged in this area and have to “study” more for a while, my brain will even become sharper?

If you feel challenged in a particular area today, go to the Lord in humility and prayer and believe that He will help you. He may reveal a gift of yours that has been buried or hidden for a long time that you can use to overcome something. Or, He may just endow you with a new gift, or His own supernatural power.

I suppose anything is possible….don’t you agree?

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27 ESV



11 thoughts on “Let’s focus on the gifts that we HAVE been given!

  1. Great perspective! I’ve been wrestling with something that won’t seem to break loose. Perhaps there is a gifting I’ve overlooked, or perhaps I’ve not persistently sought his wisdom and strength…and then just obeyed? I’ll be sitting with this.

  2. Great reminder! Sometimes we focus on what we don’t have or on the problems more than on what we do have and possible solutions. In my ladies’ Bible study yesterday, I learned that people suffering from depression or agoraphobia are often given an initial instruction of simply making their bed in the morning. It helps them feel a sense of control and victory. Just one simple baby step of going back to the basics can accomplish so much. Who knew?

    • You are so right…it is so true. We have to find something we CAN do, especially when everything around seems to be uncertain or falling apart. It’s so hard sometimes. I often say “I can’t control anything else right now but how I am going to style my hair today – at least I have that.” LOL!

  3. Studying is a gift of mine too. God does give us gifts. I often feel like mine go wasted, but he has a future planned for us, so perhaps it’s just about learning patience. God bless!

    • I actually love to study! You are right, btw….I have a deficit in patience, and it’s good to remind myself that by being stretched in that way, the Lord is doing me a favor and blessing me – even when it hurts!

  4. This reminds me of Daniel, and the three that were burned in the fire; they studied and the Lord honored them so greatly in their studies that they surpassed all of the other students!

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