Keep Praying When…


Keep Praying….

~ when you can’t think straight any more

~ when you aren’t sure what to pray

~ when you feel like no one’s listening

~ when you feel led astray

~when you can’t praise Him enough

~when you feel all alone

~when you want the best company

~when you just need to go home

~when you need a strong shoulder

~when you long to feel loved

~when you’re lost in this world

~pray to the Mighty one, above


Psalm 107:28-30 Then  they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their  distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then  they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired  haven



21 thoughts on “Keep Praying When…

  1. All true. Thank you for sharing it.
    I just happened to hear some good teaching on prayer yesterday, and the topic of prayer “smokescreens” came up (things you pray when you don’t know what to say or want to sound highly spiritual). I loved the idea of authentic, just-enough-words, intimate conversation with God. 🙂

    • Yes…usually, I find that when I am stumbling over my words, it is because I am starting to think too much of what others might thing, and then I know – I hear Him whisper – keep stumbling because I can read your heart, my child. I think He actually loves that.

    • We should vent – it helps us remove the ugly and then He can fill it with beauty. I know the Word tells us not to grumble and complain. However, I see venting with a purpose as something different – if we vent with the intention to make room for the good, and we choose the right avenue or people with whom to do so, it enriches us and glorifies Him. If we vent to hold on to the ugly, gossip, be rude, etc. and don’t want to then let it go and let Him work through us, we are grumbling and complaining and bringing our own spirit, and others around us down. He does understand – the MOST!

  2. Authentic prayer is so important. I think we all struggle at times. I’m reminded of the young man who had just become a Christian and was going to home Bible study group. Week after week an old man in the group would always pray, “Oh most merciful Lord God, we beseech Thee that thou wouldst remove the cobwebs from our hearts” (after all, God speaks King James English). One night after going to the group for several months, the young man jumped to his feet and cried, “Oh God, please kill that spider.”

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