Clarity in the Fuzzy

Ju-Chul Kim via imagekind

Ju-Chul Kim via imagekind

I am tired.

I am blessed.

I am weary.

But I won’t stress.

I feel fuzzy.

I receive grace.

My Jesus Loves Me.

Seeking His face.

jeremiah29_13[1] - Copy

Soon, I will be sharing a longer post regarding my new job.

But for now, I must say, that I wish to encourage all who are weary today.

Because Jesus – my Savior – He is encouraging me today through my own kind of weary.

I am bone tired (physically) this lovely evening, and am about to go to bed (very, very early for me).

But like I stated above, I am still blessed – even through the tired.

Right now I am in training, which is full time, day hours for my new wonderful job at a Christian ministry that I love.

I am not used to this – at all. I’m kind of in a culture shock of my own, so to speak.

Yes, I always worked hard – very, very hard. Probably too hard, to be quite honest.

But for ten years, I worked nights. That had it’s own set of problems, but there were a lot of advantages to it when it came to figuring out how to “do life.” (The rest of life aside from what we do at work, I mean).

Some things I am not used to that have made me a bit weary as I am adjusting:

  • Getting up and getting ready, whilst getting the kids ready too.
  • Figuring out ahead of time what to wear for the next day, as where I work now is not a “just throw whatever you want to wear on and go out the door” kind of place.
  • Traffic, traffic, and traffic. Getting children to school, and then getting to work on time in the midst of said traffic.
  • Mean people in traffic (okay, that’s not brand new for me, but there’s just more of it to contend with at 7:30 am and 5:15 pm)
  • Not having time to look at my checkbook, online bank statement, bills, daytimer, make phone calls, or do other tasks to manage the family appointments,activities, etc.
  • Going to the store during busy and peak hours (even though we try to do that on weekends, it happens, ya know?)
  • And doing my blog posts – which I love, but have to limit to either being smaller/shorter for right now since I will not sacrifice time for my own devotions in order to blog.
  • Lots and lots of other stuff.

The good news is that this is all about growth and keeping the blessings and the peace and the joy of the Lord close to my heart during a difficult period of adjustment. I knew it was coming and what my struggle areas would be, and that the Lord is helping me, as He always and graciously does.

The better news is that this schedule is temporary (for about a month or so) and then I will be part time at this job, part time at the church job, and still get to be home with my family in the evenings and do my other volunteer activities (in limited ways, which I am still working on, friends).

The best news is that I can see Jesus through the fuzzy – because I am seeking His face. And that is so crucial for every single one of us.

Are you going through a period of fuzzy of your own right now? Or maybe, did you just have a fuzzy day today?

Seek Him, friends, if you are weary, fuzzy, or challenged in any way. Whether you are worn down physically, not getting enough rest, have too much to do – seek Him.

Nothing else is as important as that.

I am certainly no expert – that’s probably why the Lord is using me to send out this message today – because I get it – utterly, completely, and totally!

This is a problem area for me in my own life – always has been. Therefore, I understand it, have empathy in relation to this, and know the internal and physical struggles that fuzzy of many different forms can cause for us.

The motivations and intentions of our hearts can even be good, but we can still struggle with change, taking too much on, or not knowing quite where to draw my boundaries, or what our limitations are (in what the Lord would have us do, or not do) ahead of time sometimes.

Guess that’s why we have to constantly be willing to be flexible, try stuff out, and then change where needed, eh?

You just don’t always know your limitations until you pray, then try things out, always being willing to change or adjust according to how the Lord leads.

I am learning more about when to say “no”, or when to say “yes, but not right now.”

I am learning that I am going to have to leave not only the “extra” things behind at times, but even the things that seem important or pressing, if and when they get in the way of resting in the Lord and His goodness.

If it means I can’t seek His face and get enough time with family or enough rest, it has to either go, or be suspended temporarily. This new schedule is helping me not only to see that, but to be thankful that the Lord set things up to where my permanent schedule will indeed, be part time. Gracious and Merciful God!

Isn’t that what it’s all about here in this life before we go home to live with our Mighty Savior for all eternity? Relying upon Him and making loving Him first, and others next, our utmost priority is a challenge, but one that is so well worth embracing every single day!

Yes. It most certainly is.

And that, my friends, is not fuzzy at all.

That, has been made completely and totally crystal clear.

Be encouraged today that if life is getting fuzzy, we can always look to Jesus – He is there for us and waiting – with open and loving arms.  He will never forsake us. And He has promised that if we look, and draw near to Him, we shall see His beautiful face. What a privilege!

He shall give us rest…..peace….and a divine kind of joy that we can never find in even the clearest of moments that we can possibly experience in this fuzzy little world.

It is just a stop off, friends. It is just temporary. Keep looking towards Him and all that is eternal.

Be blessed as you seek rest in Him. Then pull out your bible, get down on your knees, and get your self into bed!

That’s what I’m a’doin’ right now. Peace out!



15 thoughts on “Clarity in the Fuzzy

  1. Loved this post (because I could so relate!) and thanks for the reminder that God is definitely still with us amidst all the fuzziness of life. There is value in the valley especially since that’s where most of our lessons are learnt. Get some rest and may God give you the strength to keep on carrying on. Be blessed!

    • Thank you friend. I needed that encouragement today. I think that it is actually a blessing that I am behind on reviewing and replying to these comments like yours on here…God saved it up for me so I would receive it today. You blessed me today. I needed it badly.

  2. Annie – SO beautifully articulated. I think maybe we are long lost sisters. Wait… Nope… Long FOUND SISTERS. 🙂
    Sometimes in the fuzzies we actually miss our seasons of rest because we focus on trying to make the fuzzies clearer. Sometimes it is more about our learning something new, preparing for something new, or recharging in the midst of the fuzzies. You will be blessed!

    Blessings dear friend,

    • Aaah…yes…long FOUND SISTERS! Isn’t it cool that we shall get to actually live in the same place together one day – sisters and brothers with the Almighty? I can’t wait, Sis! And you are so right….I am trying to listen to His voice and discern when to simplify, and when to persevere through new things and changes right now. Having a tough time. I feel Him saying “simplify, simplify, simplify.” About all I can do with clarity anymore is blog. That’s it. I am probably going to pursue a job doing call captioning for the hearing impaired….just simple. Typing and relaying information. Then I can take joy in that, know I am helping others, and leave the work there every day and come home. Menopause is just killing my brain. Sometimes I get really fearful. I don’t know if the fuzzy will ever lift or not. That’s the scary part. I even prayed…”Lord, I relinquish my brain and abilities to you, just help me find something that I CAN do with 10% of the brain capacity – something I CAN do with what brain I have left.” It’s been a grief process, for sure, but He is leading me – I know, eventually, I will find where I fit.

      • Oh I know this feeling. Pre-meno started when I was 37 or 38. I started kicking up my research on natural helps then and have really found some wonderful safe helps. If you’d like to get the low down on what I found message me and I’ll share. I prayed through it ALL. God led me in that endeavor. Now my symptoms are greatly diminished. Now if I could just safely get rid of my “beard” hairs! My daughter said “you are turning into dad.” LOL

  3. Change always makes our lives difficult. Our human mind wants to complain and shut down, but our Christian mind says pray and it will be all better 🙂 This too shall pass sweet friend. Once you get used to the new hours everything will just fall into place. Good luck…

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