“Why are Christians so judgmental?”

I thought this was very good from a great blogger friend of mine. It is so important to speak the truth when called by the Lord to do so – we just need to remember that those who don’t believe upon Christ are like “blind” men. We also must remain loving at the same time. Big topic on my heart lately – grace, love AND truth are all vital!


One of the  most widespread arguments against Christians is that they are “judgmental” or  “always imposing their views on others.” Often, this criticism comes in response  to Christians who speak out against behaviors and lifestyles that God judges as  “sin” and has declared to be an outrage to Him (see Proverbs  16:1). We live in a society where “everyone [does] what [is] right in his  own eyes” (Judges  21:25)—where people insist that there are no moral absolutes, that each man  should decide for himself what is right or wrong, and that we should “tolerate”  (meaning “celebrate”) sinful activities. Those who take seriously the biblical  warnings against sin and dare speak out against evil are written off as  religious fanatics, and all Christians are, ironically, judged as being  “judgmental.”

The Scripture that is used the most to support the idea  that Christians should not judge is Matthew 7:1

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3 thoughts on ““Why are Christians so judgmental?”

  1. Love looks different to some people.

    For my incredibly blunt Christian friend, loving a gay person means saying extremely harsh things that are similar to what a Westboro member might say… BUT, my friend says that he’s simply being truthful and blunt, because he doesn’t want God’s wrath on anybody.

    It’s strange, what he calls being loving, but I can’t really complain, because his boldness is what led to me being saved.

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