Jesus… poster boy for intolerance?

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Christians get a bad reputation now-a-days for being “intolerant.” Since being tolerant is all the rage these days, I thought the word deserves a dictionary check, just to nail down exactly what the word means. (Definition thanks to:

tolerate [ˈtɒləˌreɪt]vb(tr)

1. to treat with indulgence, liberality, or forbearance
2. to permit
3. to be able to bear; put up with

4. (Medicine) Med to have tolerance for (a drug, poison, etc.)

The media and tolerance rights advocates (people who want others to tolerate their opinions) like to suggest that tolerating someone is synonymous with embracing that person’s ideology. The term “embracing diversity” gets kicked around as a likable catch phrase that makes everyone feel all warm, fuzzy, and accepted. The terms “tolerance” and “embracing diversity” are often used in reference to the same idea; acceptance of others.

But this is false.

Tolerance isn’t accepting someone’s ideologies…

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