Peace Out?

Kristen Huntley via

Kristen Huntley via

Today was one of those days, man.


It seemed that nothing I did was good.

At all.

Every new screw-up that occurred, (and there were lots and lots of them today), I prayed and then did what I thought, at the time, was my best, to bring about peace.

Peace for others around me. Peace for me.

Just peace, man.

And it seemed like I just made it worse. That seems to be a little theme in my life this last week, by the way.

Finally, by the evening, I was just exhausted from all of it.

Maybe you had a day like that today too?

As I listened to our teaching in our service at church this evening, the following verse came to mind….

“The God of peace will  soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.” Romans 16:20

We can try our best when we have days like this – days where we go to the Lord, ask for His help, power, guidance, and love – to bring about peace, but sometimes, we just have to wait for it – for our Savior to crush the head of that peace-hating enemy of ours!

Other days, the Lord helps us to take the right steps to be peacemakers and we are successful right away.

But when we aren’t able to create peace, all we can do, is continue to look up to Him, pray, and do our best until peace comes back to us. Maybe there is a reason that the Lord wants things to be left a bit uncomfortable for a bit – sometimes He does that for our own growth, you know.

As the scripture above says, our Lord is a God of peace, and truly, He has already overcome. But He has His own timing for things too – and we must always remember that. Sometimes, true peace comes from learning out of trials and difficulties and sin and mistakes.

I was reminded just now of yet another scripture that may reassure you if you, like myself, are ending the day not feeling a total sense of peace yet washing over you in your present situation or circumstances.

It serves as a comfort and a reminder of the fact that even in the midst of things that don’t feel peaceful, HIS peace is still always there with and for us……………..

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

I’m going to bed tonight clinging to this word from the Lord!

The world tells us that until we feel peace through and through, we don’t have peace. And that is a lie if we are saved by the blood of Jesus!!!!!

So tonight, even though there are still a few things going on in which it feels to me like peace is “out” of the picture, I also know that I have His peace, I have His joy, and I have His love.

I hope you know that too, friends.

Maybe tomorrow will be a “peace in” kind of day?  Maybe tomorrow, we can remember, even when things are rocky all around us, that peace within – the Jesus kind of peace cannot ever be taken away.

And neither can the triumph.

Daniel Sauceda via

Daniel Sauceda via


4 thoughts on “Peace Out?

  1. John 14:27. One of my favorites. I remember hearing the first sentence of it often growing up. The song “What a friend we have in Jesus” seems to go along with it in the same memory.
    Hang on, Anne, you’ll get through this storm.

    • Yes, yes, yes. I believe it was dad’s favorite song. Yet another thing that cannot be taken away from us in Him. I relate much to Paul as he writes from prison – he found contentment and communion in his friendship with Christ from there – in the dark – in the midst of his persecution and impending death. And, yes, even in what seemed, by the world’s standards, like “paralyzation.” Thanks for always being such an encouragement to me and to others, dear brother!

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