Life, liberty, and the pursuit of emptiness

Christ is the only thing to place our faith in – we can stand up for what is right, but when it crosses over into being something we hang all our hope upon, we are in trouble. As history proves….

A Beautiful Letter

Generations have reflected on the moral state of our culture and grieved the decay of the Christian principles by which we were once founded.

But were we ever founded on these values?

Time and Conflict have refining qualities, and their subtle but steady presence that spans the timeline of our nation’s history have served to chip away at the foundation of our “one nation under God,” to reveal a cheap imitation disguised as Christian values: The American Dream. 200 years later, the fiscal and social issues that make up our political climate testify to this.

The American Dream and the Christian life are often sold as a two-for-one package, when in reality they contradict each other on every level- there is no overlap. One cannot pursue both. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness- taken in context, one can begin to recognize the immediate divergence of these two paradigms. Thomas Jefferson…

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