Thanks for Nothing?

Gratitude Mission Continues: Be thankful in all things.

I don’t have “nothing” to do today (although that little red hammock looks really good right about now).  Instead, I have lots of little somethings to do. And friends, I am actually really looking forward to getting to take care of this stuff! I am grateful I have been given a day in which to do so.

Today, I get to run around and take care of lots of odds and ends, organize my bills and “to do” list, and I have the privilege of doing it while not under a ton of pressure.

Haaaaaaa. Breathing day. I kinda like those.

For someone like me, this kind of thing really is a breath of fresh air! When I have several days in a row in which I can’t attend to the small details in life, they start to pile up. It is good for me to be able to let that go for a while, but God always knows when I start to feel buried underneath it all and need to be able to dig in and clear out the rubble.

Jesus certainly does love me. I am so glad He understands.

I am grateful for not having “nothing” to do today. I appreciate having lots to do that I can find joy in as I go about the day. It makes me appreciate the time to take care of these things all the more when I don’t get the chance to do it for a while. Then they aren’t a drudgery, but an actual release.

Isn’t God awesome how He can make chores and errands seem like fun?

I enjoy my God time best that way, too. When I can speak to Him all day long and praise Him for all the small stuff without so many distractions and pressures coming my way – it is so mood lifting! I need some of that today too.

We need those reprieves like that, don’t we? And the Lord knows just when to provide them.

And, by the way: I love, love, love the ability to have a day in which I get totally focused on plugging away through my list of things to do and cross them off, one by one. God rewards us, just because of who He is, doesn’t He? He knows I am a control freak who is working on a daily basis to surrender to Him, learn to let things go, remember to rely upon Him and Him alone for security, identity, and peace, yet part of me is just built that way too – that way of needing to know what is going on, and be able to approach life with some sense of order to it at times. At least, once in a while. And He grants that to me. After all, He is the One who made me.

Mercy and Grace. Mercy and Grace.

I am grateful for the days this week in which I didn’t get to touch the little things that were piling up, because they taught me that there are times for surrender, times to be patient and wait upon the Lord, and times to let go. But I am thankful today for a break from the big stuff and the distractions of the world – soooo very thankful!

Gratitude in having small things to do – and getting a break from the big things for a day. I’m thankful for that “not nothing” kind of a day I will have today. And I think that’s really “something.” Something pretty wonderful. Something that He is giving me as a gift.

I plan to appreciate it for all it’s worth! Thank you, Jesus!

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to
Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18


14 thoughts on “Thanks for Nothing?

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful and enjoyable post. I share your appreciation of those “nothing” kind of days. Sometimes they are the most productive of all days : )

  2. I, too, am the type that likes to check things off my “to do” list. Somehow, when things pile up that I cannot get to, my mind gets cluttered. If it gets too cluttered, I get agitated! Naturally, anyway.

    But the Lord has a way of working on those things. I have entered a busy season of life…teenagers, homeschooling 5 kids and 2 of their friends, visiting an elderly, sick mother out of town, and trying to keep up with the responsibilities that fall to me for one reason or another. All of the little things continue to pile up, and I have to hand my mental clutter over to God! i simply cannot get it all done, and I am finally okay with that.

    But, the mercy of God is rich and deep. My 2nd oldest daughter began spontaneously taking over kitchen duty and helping with laundry this past summer. Glory! My son has picked up the pace on his responsibilities and taken a real liking to cooking. Whew! What blessings.

    Those times of surrender, waiting patiently on the Lord, and letting go bring such freedom. But those days to tend to all the little things are so sweet! I hope you enjoy your day! Enjoy “breathing”.

    • Oh my goodness…you bless me and bless YOUR heart! God is so merciful and loves us so very much, doesn’t He? May you continue to inspire others as you invest your all into them and thank you so much for your beautiful words and thoughts. I am breathing. Ha ha. Annie 🙂

  3. You are such an inspiration! And I love the scripture “to be thankful in all circumstances”. Those words are such a great reminder : ) Thank you for your post, Annie. God bless you.

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