One, Two, Three…Check

hotblack via Morguefile

hotblack via Morguefile

Today I am especially thankful for the fact that we have an advocate in the Holy Spirit.

As my mission of celebrating the daily rhythm of gratitude continues, today He led me to do a safety check. I find I am needing to do these often – pretty much daily, really.

I like to call them “heart checks.”

deegolden via morguefile

deegolden via morguefile

I am grateful for that prompting today – coming from the inner voice of the Holy Spirit….. provided to help us, to guide us, and to lead us.

The voice that either spurs us onward, or whispers, “not yet.”

The One who has spared me so much pain when I have listened well.

carlson via Morguefile

carlson via Morguefile

The One who is always there to bail me out or teach me something when I haven’t done such a good job of listening.

It is He….the One who teaches me, cautions me, consoles me, and celebrates with me.

And thankfully, the One who has taken up permanent residence within me.

I love the music of His voice.

Karpati Gabor via Morguefile

Karpati Gabor via Morguefile

This morning, like most mornings, I am grateful for the melody of the still, small, yet very powerful voice of the Holy and Awesome One.

The One who said, “breathe.”

The One who told me “you aren’t doing it wrong, love.”

Roxanneh via Morguefile

Roxanneh via Morguefile

The Spirit of the Lord guided me this morning to set the day off right – starting with my heart and then moving outward from there.

Priority Check – Am I putting God first in my life? Am I spending time with Him in prayer and the Word? Is there anything, big or small that I am starting to rely upon or love more than Him today?

Self-Reliance Check – Did I pause to pray before that interview? How about after? Am I done praying for the day now? He wants to talk to me some more, you know. He wants me to remember to ask for guidance, comfort and love. And then He wants me to trust Him…in all things. Today and every day. Remember?

Alvimann via Morguefile

Alvimann via Morguefile

Balance Check – Am I letting go of the things that will draw me away from Him and the priorities He has set forth before me? What will I let go of in order to approach the things right now that I need to pour myself into? Am I remembering to think about behaviors, intentions, motivations, and most of all, love and grace? Am I going to seek Him to help me with that today, and then am I going to surrender?

Love Check – Do I remember that this is the most important thing of all? Is loving Him first going to be my mission for the day? How about showing love to others? If it gets difficult, am I going to rely upon my own strength or turn to Him – the One who knows it all?

cohdra via MorgueFile

cohdra via MorgueFile

Yes, today, I am so grateful that the Spirit of the Lord always has us covered. He tells us what to check and when. He tells us what needs tweaking. And He gives us the tools to be able to take off, and complete His mission for the day. We need to seek. We need to listen. This is our gift of help from the Lord.

I am grateful He has made it clear that I can perform as many safety checks as one can possibly carry out, but that the truest sense of safety is only going to come from Him. I can trust Him, through the Spirit that lives inside of me to talk to me…to nudge me….to whisper, and knock, and knock, and knock until I hear and listen if I am having another one of my “dense” days.

I am thankful for the Spirit – the One we can hear – the One who is unmistakably there with us all the time.

dee37 via Morguefile

dee37 via Morguefile

I don’t need to see with my eyes.

He speaks to me in ways a mere human eye cannot possibly take in.

He’s always checking on me – my heart is safe with Him.

I just need to remember who the engineer really is.

“But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will
teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” John 14:26


6 thoughts on “One, Two, Three…Check

  1. I like your priority check and the self-reliance check. Particularly, “did I pray before______” I wish I did that more often. Thanks for sharing. I just discovered your site, and I’ve enjoyed reading your writing with honesty and openness about your relationship with God. Hugs!

    • Thank you so much – I have to do it all the time, friend. I appreciate your encouragement – we all help one another. You blessed me today. Hugs and love in the name of Jesus!

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