Mission Possible: Grace

via Pixabay

via Pixabay

I’m on a mission.

A mission that the Lord has laid upon my heart pretty strongly.

I am going to share something I am deeply thankful for out loud on the blog for a while, friends.

The Word tells us to be thankful in all things. And lately, the Lord is asking me to find my thankful “rhythm” in each and every day.

Today, I am most grateful for grace.

Receiving of grace is not new for me by any means.

But I saw more grace today than I have seen in an entire day in a very long while.

Grace from people – God seeping through them.

Grace from people filled with the love of Jesus.

Grace from people who are still flawed, still sinners in need of a Savior, like me…..but who understand how much of a manifestation of Jesus and His love that grace actually is.

You know, it’s never too late. When we mess something up, but don’t see it until it seems like the moment has passed, we can always do our best to turn it around.

I saw that kind of grace today too. It’s in the heart. The heart that is filled with Him and His grace.

I saw grace through laughter today.

I saw grace through tears.

I saw grace through prayers, hands, work, voice, singing, and typing on a computer.

I saw grace in sharing about shortcomings, and things we all are thinking about, praying about, and wondering about.

I saw grace through mistakes.

But grace doesn’t go wrong.

I saw grace in the eyes of the children of Jesus today.

And I even got to see Him give some grace to me that I could share with others.

Even me….the recipient of far more grace than I ever show or give.

Even me….the one who knows how much room there still is for grace to flow out of her towards others.

Even me. And there’s grace in that.

I am thankful for grace today. Grace given, and grace received.

There’s even grace in that all by itself…..

Grace in the gift of gratitude.

Grace layered upon grace.

It’s not impossible.

It’s a divine mission.

Because it’s from HIM. The One through whom all things are possible.

The One who turns our “missions” into reality.

Jomayra Soto via Creationswap

Jomayra Soto via Creationswap

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory,  glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14


8 thoughts on “Mission Possible: Grace

  1. It seems everywhere I turn, there is a message on thankfulness. I too am thankful for grace. You expressed this beautifully. I hope you will check out my “A Thankful Heart” posted yesterday and give me your feedback. I am just getting started. Would love to know if you plan to publish.

    • Yes! Thank you so much…I am checking it out right now. Thankfulness is so crucial to help us keep our paths straight – I have found that it really is what helps us most in getting outside of the tunnel vision of self, and self alone, and into the line of vision the Lord would have for us – pointed directly toward Him. Bless you. I don’t know yet if I want to publish or not. How about you?

  2. annie, good word! (again!! 🙂 )
    i’m on a mission – my journey as i call it – to find see Grace in everything. i started my blog as part of this journey after my middle son revealed to me shortly before mother’s day 2012 that he was pursuing a homosexual life —- leaving his years of walking with his Abba Father, serving Him on the mission fields at home and abroad, being the model of servant in many different areas, and i could go on . . . but the enemy saw the holes, the crevices left by pain and emptiness from an absent father – not physically absent, but spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically absent. the strongholds of this sin and the “acceptance” by our society have lured him away — our prodigal.
    after a short time of being shocked and angry, i felt the Lord’s arms around me and i knew His Word is etched on my boy’s heart . . . and so we pray, we wait, we give thanks in ALL things because of God’s amazing grace.

    thank you for the encouragement i find in the words you write! i look forward to sharing in this mission with you.

    • Ah, dear Bev – I pray for you and my heart goes out to you right now. Oh, it is so wonderful though, to see how you trust in the Lord, even through all of this. How inspiring. He is gracious, and waiting for your dear son. It is such a messed up culture and world we live in – no wonder these kids get confused and attacked in so many sneaky ways. I promise to continue to lift you and your son up in prayer to the Father – the One who knows and wants to bring Him back underneath His wing. Bless you, dear friend. Annie 🙂

  3. Annie, you’ve done an awesome job of bringing us into the realm of grace with your very articulate post. I was trying to write a short poem on grace yesterday, and between your words and the grace moments I’ve experienced today I think I’ll be able to complete it. Thank you!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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